The Legend of Shen Li Finale Spoilers and Discussion! [Cdrama, 2024]

I made it! I made it to the end. Lol. I forgot the fun of live-watching and the pain of waiting for new episodes.

And as with tradition, here’s a finale post for Li Ying’s costume drama. XD

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Episode 38 Quick Summary:

From the last episode: after Feng Lai discovers that his lady love has died a thousand years ago and that she left behind a daughter who is now currently chained up as a replacement seal for Phoenix Daddy, he once again returns to Xutian Abyss to save the world and the daughter that Liu Yu loved. After he flings Xing Zhi to the side and basically says he’s okay as son-in-law (lol), he looks at Shen Li and comments that she has her mom’s eyes. It’s a charged moment as he touches her face and Shen Li’s eyes wells up with tears but no words escape from either of them because they both know what’s coming. He pushes Shen Li out of the abyss and goes back into the formation of imprisonment to end it all. I cried my heart out in this scene. If anything, Daddy Phoenix is the second saddest character of all for me. The first is the lonely Mo Fang. But unlike Mo Fang, Daddy Phoenix was loved and learned to love in the most beautiful way – not just to love the person but also to protect their principles and ideals (like his Son-in-law, hehe).

Outside Shen Li looks up in distraught as the Abyss is destroyed. She finally sees Xing Zhi but he keeps walking past her and calls out to Shen Li from afar. She runs to him and catches the weight of his body in her tiny frame. He whispers to her, “Gods have no reason to exist anymore. Nothing can threaten the three realms again.” He knows it’s time to retire as he has done what he was born to do.

Shen Li looks up desperately into his face. “Gods don’t have a reason to exist, but you do. Not as a God but as You, as Xing Zhi. Don’t you have a reason to live on?”

“My only reason to live on is because of you.” Oh you two, stop breaking my heart.

He continues. “You don’t know how to take care or feel for yourself. If possible, I would like to take care and feel for you, on your behalf.” GAHHHHHHHH. She screams at him to do what he promised but at this point, his legs give out and they both collapse to the ground in tears.

He asks to see her smile and she musters up all her facial muscles to conjure wry smile. He calls it horrible in the most heart-breaking way. Tears stream down their faces with no end in sight. T____T

He turns and looks at the fading light from the Abyss and asks if that’s the light she saw in her dreams. She shakes her head and requests that he accompanies her to look for that light. He apologizes for not being able to do that. “You will definitely find that light one day.” His body slumps into hers, his head on her shoulder as she confesses that he’s the damn light!

“Where do I find someone like you?!”

Xing Zhi’s passing signals the Divine Lights. Heavenly Lord arrives with his Divine peeps to the scene. They need to bring Xing Zhi’s body back to cremate him, following orders of the Natural Law. This dude seriously cannot read the room. The laws are dead! Stop blindingly following it!

Shen Li glares at him and spits out a firm no. “You can try to snatch his body from my hands!” She generates a wall of fire, creating a clear fiery boundary.

She glares at him with a thousand suns behind her. “If you manage to cremate his body, I, Shen Li, will launch a fire attack and scorch your Divine Realm to the ground!” Heavenly Lord, like an idiot, draws You Lan’s sword. Old man, what are you gonna do with that sword?

You Lan and Fu Rong Jun and the entire Divine army ask him to let this one go. There’s really zero room for negotiation. They leave.

Shen Li and Xing Zhi change position to the very cliche-but-much-more-comfortable for all involved grieving parties. And we see the passage of time as Shen Li lays there staring at Xing Zhi’s lifeless body and holding his cold hand. She’s exhausted beyond comprehension as her Shifu appears to hug her, “Silly child, it’s time to go home.”

“Shifu, I have lost two people I shouldn’t have lost.” Meaning Xing Zhi and her innocent Daddy here.

“You still have me.” And here comes more tears. T_T

They decide to keep Xing Zhi’s body in a makeshift of today’s freezer, in a freezing cold mountain with a glass view. Time continues on, we see General Shang Bei help train the Divine Army; You Lan, Fu Rong Jun and co. rebuilding Xing Zhi’s favorite courtyard look.

A year passes by, Furong Jun visits Shen Li to drop off a gift – a book he and You Lan instructed the Divine girls to write about Xing Zhi and Shen Li’s love story. He tells her to flip through it when she forgets about him, but Shen Li doesn’t bat an eye as she confirms she will never forget him and will never move on. Oh Xing Zhi, look how much you have affected this girl!

Fu Rong Jun then strikes his infamous flirting stance as he asks if she had not ran away and married him, won’t she be suffering less now? She smirks and says she’s not suffering right now.

Later, she takes the book and intends to read it to Xing Zhi but finds that his body is gone.

Down the mountains, the weather is much nicer. Lol. Sun is up, butterflies are hanging out and people are pointing at this mysterious man with white hair standing in the sea of yellow flowers.

He turns around and Shen Li runs towards a very handsome-looking Xing Zhi. Hehe. This is a good look! Can we keep it?

“A Li, I’m back.”

Xing Zhi explains that his God Friends had used their last bit of power to help him come back.

Then we see the mortal form of Qing Ye walking around and encountering the same two ladies he’s been involved with for many reincarnations. Though this time, he’s free from forming a connection with them, finally escaping the eternal cycle. This storyline continues to baffle me. I’m not sure if the novel explains this aspect better. Can someone enlighten me? I have one question. So he was punished as a God for intervening with a beloved death, right? So there should be one woman he’s involved with. Where did the second woman come from? The drama didn’t say he was in a love triangle as a God. Did they just drag a random second woman (innocent bystander) into this romance for every reincarnation? Cause that’s kinda messed up? O.O

Episode 39 Quick Summary:

We open the finale with Shen Li popping a grape in her mouth as she rocks back and forth on a chair with one leg on a table while Xing Zhi is recording notes on his leaves. He asks whether she has pondered about their incompatibility before and she shakes her head coolly. She thinks they are in perfect harmony, one is Yin, the other is Yang. He laughs and they are interrupted by Miss Jin’s maid, here to deliver a wedding invitation!

Miss Jin aka Sexy Long Legs reminds them to bring a star from the Extranatural Heaven as a gift but since it’s collapsed, Xing Zhi wants to pick a random rock instead. Lol. This dude. Shen Li worries about his health in the cold Northern mountains but he smacks his chest and proudly says, “This is the body of a former God!” Then he adds naughtily, “You should know I have recovered.” Oh La La.

Cut to Shen Li walking ahead, warm as can be, while Xing Zhi scurries behind her slowly, trembling with each step. LOL. She laughs out loud and he wraps his whole body around her for warmth. What happens to the Godly body? 😛

Miss Jin sees them and is immediately envious with their display of affections. But really, at this point, everyone should avoid this couple. Their PDA game knows no shame. Lol. Shen Li notices that Miss Jin’s inner energy is weak and she waves it off as being busy lately. Shen Li’s inner thoughts reveal to us that Miss Sexy Long Legs has been pursuing a mortal cultivator for well over a decade. This has got to be a joke right? Who could resist her?!

However, as it turns out, he’s not here willingly… She saves him and his Sect members on the condition that he marries her. Lol. Miss Sexy Long Legs hears news that he’s coughing so she rushes off to transfer some energy to him. Beads of sweat form on her forehead as she finishes and he asks if she’s okay. She turns on her charms immediately, “Are you concerned about me? I’m delighted!” He coldly tells her not to flatter herself. Dude! He wonders why his sect members’ injuries were treated so easily yet his hasn’t changed much. She doesn’t offer an answer and wonders why she makes so many exceptions for him. Once outside, she falters to the side a bit, clearly exhausted.

That night, Mu Zi Chun wanders around the courtyard and overhears the maids compliment Xing Zhi’s good looks and they wonder why Miss Jin’s so nice towards Mu Zi Chun. Pissed, he plucks off a branch of flowers and lets it fall, trampling over it in the process.

Next morning, our trio have hot pot! Lol! While Miss Sexy Long Legs muses what has gotten into her – having all these lingering mortal feelings for a mortal man and yet he has yet to be moved by her for over twenty years. Shen Li is rightfully shocked and thinks maybe it’s an obsession and not love. While Miss Jin complains about the iceberg of a man in her hands, Xing Zhi is quietly serving the ladies and perfecting his dipping sauce – only for Shen Li to casually take it and hand him an empty bowl. Though a bit annoyed, he quietly accepts his fate as male wife. xD

Their next activity is…… ancient version of mahjong? hee. Miss Jin, I don’t understand you. Why did you even like this handsome mortal? All he has is looks! His words piss you off too. You poor thing. Losers of the game get a colored strip taped to their faces. I guess you can tell from the screenshots who is winning here. MUHAHAHHA.

Smart Xing Zhi to the rescue, he suggests Miss Jin change her strategy in dealing with an indifferent man like Mu Zi Chun. He’s so used to being pursued and accepting affection from her that he has become spoiled and stubborn. “Just take back what you have given him one by one! Then be in love with someone else!”

Next step in this ranting session…they are having cocktails, complete with the little umbrellas!! HAHHAHA Li Ying, what are you doing here?! Lolol.

Who could possibly be the other love contender? Xing Zhi volunteers himself but Shen Li objects immediately. “You are mine.” She will do it and we see her transform into Xing Zhi and acts all love-dovey with Miss Jin on the spot while the real Xing Zhi is miffed on the sideline. Teehee!

On the way back to their room, Shen Li wonders whether this tactic would work and Xing Zhi is sure of it. “Because no one knows better than me how it feels to lose their loved one.”

OH HO HO HO. The reverse psychology plan from “God” himself has proven to be effective alright. Mu Zi Chun sits in his courtyard, drinking alone. Without her constant pestering, he feels weird to be left alone. What is even better is he admits even his heart feels lonely. Then he remembers that she has welcomed the male guest in PERSON!

“Is he an old friend? Are they close? What’s he like?” he thinks to himself.

Oh look, what a coincidence! Miss Jin and Shen Zhi are taking a stroll in the dead of night, right into Zi Chun’s thinking spot. 🤭

Miss Jin introduces Mu Zi Chun as her fiance and Shen Zhi immediately launches into act 1 of her drama, asking sorrowfully how she could marry someone else to spite him for leaving ruthlessly in their last meeting! He grabs her hand and places it on his chest, “Do you feel it trembling from pain?” PUHAHAHA Lin Geng Xin is quite comedic.

Zi Chun coughs loudly to disrupt the closeness of the two and we see Shen Zhi happy that she got her confirmation – this dude does like Miss Sexy Long Legs after all!

“If you’re in love, then so be it. But I have heard that this man doesn’t love you at all.”

Zi Chun quickly blurts, “What does it have to do with you anyway? Your remark is out of line.”

“This is the woman I love! I won’t let her suffer the slightest harm. If you truly do not love her, I won’t give up on her. Even if that requires me to use force! I will snatch her away from you.” Shen Zhi wraps his arms around Miss Jin. heee~

Upset now, Zi Chun tells them to do whatever since he’s only a prisoner here. Miss Jin is clearly disappointed but Shen Li is too giddy about this project and makes a wager with Miss Jin. She will make Zi Chun admit his love before their wedding.

One branch of the plum blossom tree magically turns into gossipy Xing Zhi. LOL. He didn’t want to miss out on the fun. He asks for a reward when Shen Li wins and Miss Jin reveals she does possess an ancient jade pendant which has the power to heal injured gods and help them recover their powers. With such a precious reward, Xing Zhi has to play his best part now. Heh.

Then we get the below scene…. Shen Li as Xing Zhi being held by Xing Zhi as Shen Li. They engage in a kiss and a sword flies into their room, ruining the moment. Shen Li as Xing Zhi blocks the attack and Mu Zi Chun comes running in, exasperated and angry at the sight before him.

“Is this how you love Miss Jin?”

Xing Zhi as Shen Li comes running over, faking worry about this “intruder” and Shen Li as Xing Zhi tells him to tone it down a bit. Heh. “I may not be able to keep up!”

Mu Zi Chun continues to voice his injustice for Miss Jin. “How dare a playboy like you claims that you won’t let her suffer! She’s going to suffer when she finds out about this.”

Xing Zhi with his shifty eyes and comical face answers, “Then let her suffer for a bit.” He keeps pushing Zi Chun with the same question, “I’m this and that, I’m lying to her, but WHY DO YOU CARE? I’m only after her vast fortune. Once I’m done, I will divorce her!”

Zi Chun tries to attack again but is blocked by Miss Jin. He looks at her. “Do not fall for someone like him.” Miss Jin is fully committed to her role too and reveals that she doesn’t mind if Xing Zhi wants something from her, “At least with him, I have a chance. Better than those who desire nothing and offer me nothing.”

“Do you know what you’re doing?” He whispers and she smiles. Of course she does. She wonders if he’s upset she’s falling for the wrong guy and she follows that up with, “Isn’t it what I’ve done with you too? What, I’m only allowed to fall for you and not anyone else?”

While a serious conversation is going on, our troll couple keeps up with their show. Lol.

Miss Jin resigns about her feelings for him and tells him to pack up and go home. She’s tired of chasing after him. He looks visibly upset as she walks over and into the arms of Xing Zhi who is looking too excited with two beautiful women in his embrace.

Mu Zi Chun leaves without another word and Miss Jin looks despondent, thinking that its truly over based on his non-reaction to her fighting words. She convinces herself it’s better to live alone than to spend a thousand years with someone who doesn’t like her. That’s true, lady. Let this guy go. He’s weird. Shen Li knows Zi Chun have feeling for Miss Jin but doesn’t know how to make him confess.

She lays down casually in Xing Zhi’s laps as he muses “Do you think I would let things develop like that? We just need to knock Miss Jin out for a bit.” Shen Li opens her lips to say something but Xing Zhi is quick to silence her with a finger. Then bends down to kiss her gently.

Going with the plan, Shen Li knocks out Miss Jin with a medium-sized fireball. Lolol. Xing Zhi walks in and announces loudly to the maid that Miss Jin has been killed by Lord Bi Cang. I love how even Shen Li is like what? what? Then he reassures her that once Mu Zi Chun arrives, she should exchange a few blows with him but allow him some leeway to save an unconscious Miss Jin.

Once outside the mansion, Miss Jin wakes up, a little confused and tries to explain to Zi Chun that she didn’t know about this plan but he’s relieved to know she’s okay. Overwhelmed, he grabs her in close for a tight embrace.

Cut to Miss Jin getting dolled up for her wedding and the maid brings in the promised “Star” from Shen Li and Xing Zhi. She takes a look at the rock and then immediately tosses it, “Who wants their fake stone?!” LOL. You trolling couple think this ancient golden serpent is easy to deceive huh?

Meanwhile, our trolling couple is playing in the snow, happy for their friend. Xing Zhi asks if Shen Li wants a wedding ceremony. She doesn’t answer so launches into his feelings out loud, how he used to find weddings so unnecessary and troublesome, “But then I saw the ceremony and I felt that it would be nice to introduce my beloved to everyone I know.”

She nods in agreement.

He whispers, “A Li, will you marry me?”


“Alright then.” PHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

She continues, “But you will need to hurry up, I won’t look nice in a dress with a belly.”


Our girl is pregnant!!

Our stunned God as Shen Li caresses his face. She gives him a peck and happily steps back so he can see her belly. He swallows hard and moves his hand closer to her belly but before he can touch it, she makes a run for it.

Damn, and with that Xing Zhi has beaten Al Pacino in becoming the oldest Father Ever. xD

Kappy: I’m so glad The Legend of Shen Li was able to tell a proper story to the end, healing all previous wounds. There will be no more agonized souls from Princess Agents anymore. Watching episode 39 was such an odd experience; I already had my happy ending, so I watched the last episode in trepidation, waiting for the rug to be pulled from right under me (at the same time knowing Li Ying won’t do this to me). Turns out it’s just an extra episode of the side story from the novel and we are safe. Lol.

Shen Li is not perfect but it’s a solid novel-to-drama adaptation, down to the last leg. The novel is a simple source so to make a 39-episode series, fillers are expected. As a Li Ying’s fan, I indulged…. since I’m not sure when I will see her in a xianxia again. There were definitely slow moments for me and I think cutting down on Fu Rong Jun’s mayhem-causing episodes would be good; he was entertaining to me, but I could see how he might be annoying to other people. The excessive music video of the OTP scenes was also a bit too drawn out and played in almost every instance they were brooding/dying. A tighter storyline would be around 30/32 episodes.

With all that said, I really do appreciate how this is a reunion for a lot of her previous co-stars. It was adorable to see and spot the various cameos. Most emotional is of course Xu Hai Qiao from Hua Qian Gu, the drama that launched her stardom and most hilarious is Huang Cheng Cheng from Wild Bloom.

If you got to the end! Congrats! Enjoy the bonus below!

♦♦♦ DOWNLOAD THE OST HERE [49 tracks, 320k/mp3] ♦♦♦

  1. 2 thoughts on “The Legend of Shen Li Finale Spoilers and Discussion! [Cdrama, 2024]

    Thank you

  2. 2 thoughts on “The Legend of Shen Li Finale Spoilers and Discussion! [Cdrama, 2024]

    Overall I enjoy the drama.

    An incredible work has been done on the visual especially the fight scenes, the different realms and costumes.

    As a fan of Li Ying i m really proud of how she portrayed the boyish and strong Shen Li.

    After her character I really like the growth of Fushong. I was especially sad for Feng Lai  who should have been rewarded for his double sacrifice and for Mufong (even if I had trouble to be immerse in the parts where he spoke with the voice of Fusheng).

    I think there are some developments which should have been skipped such as Projector Fushong (around this part i think i lost some interest especially after the cliffhanger), even if i was touched by the first life of the Lotus demon it added nothing nor the wedding of Miss Jin. I would have preferred more screen time for Feng Lai and Liu Yu and Shen Li/XingYun at the end.

    My 2 favorite parts were the beginning with Chicken Shen Li and Witty XingYun. I really like their reverse ying yang relationship. The second was the final battle part. I was a little overwhelmed. I was proud of Shen Li freeing even dead XingYun of his heavy duty as the last ancient god and again very sad for Feng Lai (is it possible for a spin off…the legend of Feng Lai ?).

    Funniest moments :
    – Shen Li faking to be blind
    – when she rescued XingYun by the hair

    Final point is the OST which blends so much with the drama. I wanted to pick some of my favorite tracks but…i like all of them. Thanks a lot for the upload.

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