C-Ent Updates: Love and Destiny, Awakening of Insects, Princess Silver, The Great Ruler, Eighteen Springs

Sorry for the lack of updates, the past week had been hard. T_T

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Jin Shi Jia and Chai Bi Yun headline Forty Years We Walked

Forty Years We Walked is an upcoming drama that is aimed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China’s economic reforms which started in 1978 and affected the agriculture industry, trade and foreign investment, Government finances, etc… The story is led by Jin Shi Jia (Hero Dog) and Chai Bi Yun (Rush To The Dead Summer) and it follows a group of young aspiring actors as they face obstacles to achieve their dreams during the 70s-80s-90s-2000s, a forty-years period of high and low moments in an actor’s life.

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Liu Yi Fei and Reno Wang duet for movie Never Gone

Never Gone (or So Young 2, 致青春·原来你还在这里) is the movie adaptation of So You’re Still Here, written by Xin Yi Wu (So Young). It tells the story of a teenage boy born with a silver spoon and a girl born no stranger to poverty. Young and in love, they have yet to understand what it means to love and not hurt. Wounded, they are separated and our heroine is saddled with a responsibility bigger than her years. Reunited years later, what will happen to the buried love deep in their hearts?

I was surprised Yi Fei duet with Reno instead of Kris, but then a fan said Kris was filming overseas when the recording took place, hence a new arrangement was made. Anyway, lots of pictures ahead!

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Trailers Galore of Chinese Movies at Shanghai Festival 2016

Another compilation and I would like to call it Part 3 to the busy weekend and probably the most exciting one for everyone! Things in motion! Trailers! Teasers! Previews! BTS! The Making! Some of these are revealed before the festival and some after. It’s crazy how many press conference took place this past weekend. Have a sneak peek/feel of your anticipated movies!

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22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

Can’t believe I’m doing Part 2 for this darn festival! If yesterday was for local TV dramas, today is the hottest star gathering in the movie world.

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Press conference for the cast of A Journey through Time with Anthony

Another star-turned-producer and this time it’s Zhou Xun (Painted Skin, Red Sorghum). It’s based on a novel of the same name, A Journey through Time with Anthony, written in the form of a diary by Anthony as he detailed his life during the ages of 20-23 as a newly graduate being shipped to study overseas, where he gains perception of life and grows as a person. The titular role is handed to top model, Liu Chang, as his movie debut and his leading lady is a face frequently seen in theaters this past few weeks – Bai Bai He (Monster Hunt).

Does the premise remind some of you of a Japanese movie?

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Li Qin and Kimi Qiao round out Love Rectangle in So You’re Still Here


As previously mentioned in February, the movie adaptation of So You’re Still Here, written by by Xin Yi Wu (So Young), secured its female and male lead in Liu Yi Fei (For Love or Money) and Kris Wu (Somewhere Only We Know). Filming began this past week and the first stills are out of our leads still in their high school uniforms. Liu Yi Fei looks the part of a quiet student but I think they could have styled Kris differently… Last time, their casting announcements weren’t received warmly by many here but what can we do, it’s all done and over, so let’s just see what they have up their sleeves!

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Filming begins for Chen Xiao and Yuan Shan Shan’s Love Up In The Air

Yu Zheng’s first modern drama (he’s the producer), tentatively called Love Up In the Air (or Cloud in the Air) has a booting ceremony to begin filming on April 18th. I think he’s only interested in messing with the wuxia world; Modern world is enough of a chaotic place without his paws on them. Chen Xiao (Romance of the Condor Heroes) and Yuan Shan Shan (City of Angels) are the leads. I did not remember these two were paired up way back in Beauties of the Emperor! I hated her character so much in that drama…..she literally got every single man she wanted in there! Truth be told, I’m not a fan of this pairing. Yuan Shan Shan has yet to capture me with her performance. Might this be the one?

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