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Hello there! I’m known in the world of cyberspace as Kaptain A/Kappy. I started this (AliceChen’s World) blog in 2006 as a fan blog for Charmaine. Slowly, I digressed from that point and got interested in other Asian dramas, mainly Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese. Between 2007 and 2009, you could say I abandoned this blog because I just couldn’t keep up with the posting. At the time, I had no idea what to post. Then in mid 2009, I made a comeback posting soundtracks from dramas that I like. Now, I enjoy sharing links and raving/ranting about the various gems and hot messes in dramaland. In 2012, I moved from blogger to a self-hosted ship.

In short, hope have a great time navigating this voyage with us. Along the journey, several kind folks have joined my ship. Please do give them your love and support!

Hihi! My name is Jeff (and apparently alice made me into a marshmallow) and my kdrama addiction was a result of kpop. My ultimate bias is Sooyoung from SNSD! Things I love but do irregularly include scripting, photoshop, making mochi (@__@;;), swimming and napping. I started out with ACW in June of 2011, and have been with AVV since. I’ve been busy, so I’ll only randomly appear in the chat 🙂

Ahem. tap taps mike Testing 1-2-oh there you are! beams

I am known by several names on the Intraweb. It depends on my mood and inclination. Lately, I’ve been into web novels and Youtube videos. So Tadahs! A new avatar!

Here on A Virtual Voyage, I took the moniker, ‘Angelic’.

I speak a few languages. I enjoy dramas from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan. My new craze are Thai dramas and Dimash Kudaiberger :p I had the pleasure of recapping Bu Bu Jun Xin as my first project. I don’t think I ever finished that before I fell ill. However, I would be happy to help if help is needed with Chinese language dramas.

Feel free to share your thoughts about Asian drama and anything else. See you on Discord!

Wassup? Do call me Keane. I watch anime, tv show, and film like any average Jane but my passion belongs to music; probably it’s a major influence from my Godfather since he’s in the industry. If I like it then I won’t let a little thing like language barrier prevent me from cherishing the moment hence I too comprehend a few lingoes which I keep a balance and exercise daily to maintain freshness.

How my screen name came to be?  If you recognize the Brit Band Keane then maybe we’ve met at some of their M&G’s. LOL!  I dunno~ it’s simple, resilient, and classic… just like me! Let’s cast our Hopes and Fears together. Ahoy, permission granted to come aboard!


Hi guys! My initials are XY, but a good friend added a Z behind, and starting calling me XYZ. Thus, you can find me in a lot of Math textbooks. xD You can call me either nickname you want to. (: I’ll be bringing only Japanese dramas, because I’m a Japanese fan. I love Japan and everything Japan-related! This love for Japan was sparked off by this boyband called Arashi. Love them to bits! It consists of 5 members, my biased being Matsumoto Jun. Of course, over time, I grew to love other Japanese artists. (: From Singapore, but currently attending Uni in New Zealand.

JC is a reclusive member of the Crew. Kaptain A has stated that she knows what may be his true name, but she is cut off by JC before she could finish. He doesn’t want people to see his face so he could hide his identity. He seems to be very knowledgeable about the world as he is instructed by the members to do specific tasks.

Many of the team members question who he really is as he is too mysterious. At one point it is stated that he is a very kind person. JC doesn’t talk much. Despite his reclusiveness, JC is extremely loyal to the ship and its crew members and is willing to go to great lengths to protect it.

Tranzgeek: Fellow furry ball who is easily ~brainwashed~ influenced by greener pasture as they come to my attention (aka hotter guys or better actors). I do have a ‘forever’ bae and that’s Hu Ge, even if I tend to change my focus to other fresh tender meat frenetically. Besides watching dramas, I also have to balance school and my translating blog so I’ll be on and off at times, just to rant about whatever I wanna rant about I tend to go for the ‘noncliche’ dramas…so no modern cheesy stuff plzz. Last thing about me, is: I usually binge whenever I can, although I must not! >_< My motto in life is above. Looking forward to seeing all of y’all around!

Hiii my name is Amy (or Maknae) as some may know me by bc I’m the youngest member on the ship, and I joined AVV back in 2016 when I was a wee freshman. I’m usually lurking around, but you may see me write recaps and reviews for dramas that I enjoy! I’m Taiwanese so I occasionally dabble in Taiwanese dramas, but I’m usually watching Chinese or Korean dramas and ranting about whatever. I’m also the co-producer of our “Drifters of the Night” podcast, so do be sure to check that out if you like listening about dramas on the go. Outside of AVV, I enjoy dancing, baking, listening to good music and when I have time, I translate for Tranzgeek on her site Meraki! :smiling_face_with_3_hearts: Looking forward to seeing everyone around~

Hello! This is Wuxia Rocks! I’m a long time fan (dinosaur era long) of Wuxia, hence the name. I also love Movies and Dramas in various genre. What I look for most is a great story with a great hook. Somehow I usually end up with bad ones. My awesome luck. More about me, I’m a writer, dreamer, candy lover, and music fan. I like C-pop, J-pop, K-pop, T-pop, V-pop, etc, basically whatever is good to my ears. My presence exists all over the internet. Feel free to check me out, but please don’t stalk me too much. And no I am not a girl. Regardless of what you assume, that is a myth. I’ve been around, yet fate has led me to AVV. My awesome family. I hope to contribute in interesting ways.

Movies/Dramas (hopefully good ones) reviews and recap, here we go!

Hello everyone. I am known as the spy. I mean Kath! I have been a long-time AVV lurker, and decided I could do better and join the team to help out. I submitted an application to become a pirate to Kappy, and through some interrogation from the team (because they thought I was really a spy!) was eventually welcomed on board. I’ll be helping out when I can with recapping dramas, or giving an overall review of the ones I watch. I’m super picky when it comes to dramas, and tend to nitpick if things don’t make sense. It’s one of the major reasons why I don’t watch too many dramas, because I mean if you’re going to spend that long invested in a story, I would hope it’s good! I have been the minority of not liking a super popular drama, but that’s okay. I guess it comes with being a picky perfectionist turtle. Outside of AVV, I love to bake, and hold a title of baking the best chocolate chip cookies! Please let me know if there’s anything I can help out with.

Iridescent: Hi~ I exist as Alisonn or Alison sometimes. The important things to know about me is that I really like Liu Shi Shi and that I’m pretty shallow (pretty people are generally my main draw to a drama). I guess I’m meant to tell you what I do on AVV, but the truth is even I don’t know… I guess it could be summed up with whatever sparks my interest, which is also probably not much.

Hi, I’m IMOmusings.

Hey guys, it’s Lin. peace out ^^v

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    Hi guys! I just discovered your site today and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this as I’ve been looking for HD quality videos of some of my favourite Kdramas lately. A big thank you for all your efforts. 🙂

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    Hi there,
    greetings from overseas! I’m visiting your blog since 2010 and I’m so proud of you how big you became!!! You’ll soon rank next dramabeans.com and thundie’s prattle! 😀
    I moved from Europe to Asia now and my circumstances didn’t allow me to continue with my drama addiction, but now I’m BACK!
    Although I still don’t have the full equipment like at home I’ll try what I can to keep up with the k-dramas and thank you guys for your awesome work!


    • 38 thoughts on “About

      Hey schwertkrabbe!

      I remember you! You dropped by a few times before we moved to a new family, hence new name. That’s such a big compliment since DB & TP are popular sources for Korean entertainment. We are proud drifters, traveling here and there, never stopping in one location. 😀

      Europe to Asia? That’s a huge decision. Is this move permanent? Hope all is well and welcome back!

      • 38 thoughts on “About

        @K.A.: Like you guys I’m travelling here and there, never stopping in one location. I’ll stay as long as I like, depending on the inspiration the place gives me. ^_^

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    hi all, I’m new here.. please welcome me *Applause* xD
    I’m from indonesia,.. please take care of me next…
    all of your introduction is AWESOME.. 😀

    is there any members from “Indonesian” ?

    • 38 thoughts on “About

      Photobucket Welcome aboard bqliank. Hello, I’m Keane, the night janitor on this site. j/k.

      I’m not from where you are at, but I’d like to get there some day.

      We think YOU’RE AWESOME! Hope your stay shall be a pleasant long lasting ferry ride.

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    Hi admin. Can you upload your new dramas on filefactory.com?
    It’s a great file host. I can just download from it.

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    hi everybody,
    this is the first time i post something here (:
    been mid of 2010 @AliceChen’s World, as a leecher (i hope you guys won’t mind) XD

    and wow! new ship and still awe!

    many thanks for many-many k-drama ost..
    seldom watch K-drama, but, i love most of the ost’s XD

    thank you guys, very much!

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    Hey all… so much spice and variety here! I’ll be busy exploring this awesome blog… cheers… ^_~

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      Don’t be a stranger to us Nonski. Of course I remember you, even if I’m a wee-bit older now. 😛

      How’s life rocking on your side?

  7. 38 thoughts on “About

    Just thought it was really cool to see a Singaporean here! Hi haha! And this website is a gem… I didn’t know I could download 720p videos so FAST now. gosh guess I should stop watching online now and start to download better quality videos! And I’m watching “Dad, where are you going now!” and happened to come to this blog as I was looking on the Jiu Ye Hui’s new drama. 😀

  8. 38 thoughts on “About

    Hey there! Something weird happens when I try to go on here on Chrome. For some reason, no new posts after the post ‘Cdrama: A Different Kind of Pretty Man Episodes’ on 29 July appear. No newer posts show up on the Recent Posts part on the side either. It doesn’t happen if I go on my iPad though….

  9. 38 thoughts on “About

    I feel like the username alicechen feels very familiar especially back when I was really, really active in soompi forums and graphic forums in around 2006~2008. I’m c_gunawan541 back in those forums btw, haha!
    Anyways, just want to write a comment of appreciation as there’s really not enough blogs that talks about chinese and taiwanese dramas.

    • 38 thoughts on “About

      OMG OMG OMG! Are you the same Caroline (how I remember your name?) from Bae Seul Gi’s forum!?? AHHHHHHHHHH!! I was so heartbroken when the forum went down!! I hope you’re the same person or else I’m gonna look crazy …right about now. It’s such a small world on the Internet. 🙂

      I’m no longer active on soompi. The idols I used to stalk have all moved on, doing different things and I have too (meaning stalking other celebrities, lol.)

      • 38 thoughts on “About

        YUP!!!!!!!!!! I’m the same person! I still remember your id, it’s been so long and happy to see you’re still alive (blogging), LOL!!! I’ve only been blogging actively for about a year so I shall say you’re my sunbae in terms of blogging but internet (especially in terms of asian drama blogging) is definitely a small world. BSK forum no more T_T so sad, like she doesn’t even come out that often anymore…

        • 38 thoughts on “About

          This is so crazy. We remember each other!! haha! =D It does bring back memories of spazzing over our lovely girl (the wonderful days of high school). Yep, I’ve blogging since forever but didn’t announce it because I was a little embarrassed at the time. heh. Only a couple of real friends know about this blog to this day. It’s like my secret identity, alternate life! 😎

          Speaking of BSG, she was invited to use her bokko dance in Chopstick Brothers’ hilarious MV, Little Apple. I was jumping up and down when I saw it and recognized her!!

  10. 38 thoughts on “About

    I can’t take chopstick brothers for real though, Gangnam style was a lot better than them imo but I know BSK starred in a few cable dramas for the past few years but she was the second female lead only. Le sigh… Anyways, nice to see you again!!!

    • 38 thoughts on “About

      Some of her movies were… not what I expected. *gulp* Not sure who to blame, her manager or company.

      BTW, I think I’m also labeled as a spammer at your blog. My comment didn’t show up. *shakes head* Please check your spam box. 🙂

      • 38 thoughts on “About

        I already unspammed it, I don’t know how it ended up being in my spam box but anyways thanks for telling me, if not I might missed it but I do check my spam box pretty regularly as there are always cases like yours that happen in my blog. WordPress don’t know who’s the spammer and who’s not, LOL.

        I guess it’s all because of her company, which is a relatively small company…It’s been quite some time since I last followed her news. I didn’t even know she starred in Chopstick brother’s MV as I couldn’t stand listening to the song and closed it after a few seconds into the track, LOL.

        • 38 thoughts on “About

          This is not the first time I’m labeled as a spammer. I’m also a spammer at Kat’s blog where many comments were never retrieved. Lol.

          That song tickles me and has been in my head for a while. I think BSG’s appearance helped a lot. She’s still so cute. 🙂

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    Dear Kaptain A,

    I really love reading your review about co-produced (Korean-Vietnam) drama Forever Young that you have posted here from last year.

    FYI: Right now we are doing Engsub for the show, I hope you could give it a try when you have free time, and if you do enjoy the drama, I hope you would share some thoughts about it later.

    We just released first 5 episodes then the next until ep 36.

    If you curious to watch please go to the streaming links bellow:




    For more information about it you could check at:




    Thank you for your time, and I am so sorry if I am bothering you.
    Best regards,


    • 38 thoughts on “About

      Hi TTXFYoung! Thanks for going out of your way to post the recommendation and useful links. I don’t want to promise anything yet but if I do watch it, I’ll write up a post. =)

      Thanks for subbing the show!! Fighting! ^^

      • 38 thoughts on “About


        Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

        Normally I don’t watch Vietnamese dramas until Forever Young. I promise whenever you give it a try, you would probably not regret of every minute you spend on it.

        FYI: The drama will have 2nd season, which will be on air in 2016. You will find the answer why they have to produce the 2nd season after you finish watching the 1st show.

        I see you are busy with other drama projects, so just take your time…



  12. 38 thoughts on “About

    Hey AVV family!! I’m a close friend of Amy’s (Drama_addict28) and she told me a lot of interesting stories about you guys! Especially Mochi lol. Anyway, it’s great to meet you, I hope we can get along in the future!!

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    Thank you!

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    Hi, I tried to send a message through the Join Us section but it didn’t work so I decided to try it here.
    I’m an avid C-Drama/TVB fan. I would like to join and contribute to a Virtual Voyage by writing for you from times to times. I can write First Impression/Reviews, Recaps, Summary etc.

    Actually, I have my own personal blog called Invisible Asia (https://invisibleasia.com) where I write a wider range of topics. I prefer to write reviews on other sites because (1) it’s lonely to blog on my own, and (2) I don’t have a large viewership, so review posts don’t get read often. Don’t worry, I won’t recycle my posts and only write new ones. Just to let you know my background 🙂

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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