Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (50)

I know I’m no longer twelve but the thought of having a snow day off from work tomorrow sends me into cloud 9!

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Chen Qiao En becomes emotional when Kimi’s name is mentioned

They say that time heals all wounds and I really wished this drama didn’t air so soon. If it is hard for us to talk about Kimi Qiao, imagine how difficult it is for Chen Qiao En, one of the few actresses that Kimi showed again and again how much he adored and loved her. Modern drama, Stay With Me, held its press conference today and it is a time of acceptance and civility. Everyone tried to keep the mood swinging but we can tell it’s no easy task. Joe took it to weibo later to express the thoughts that she couldn’t finish. A rough translation at the end of the post.

Exactly one week before I return to work. Kimi, you and I, must we be linked this way?

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (46)

News here and news there! Unstoppable industry!

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Kimi Qiao passes away in Shanghai home

I still can’t believe it. This is probably the hardest article I have to write in my blogging career. I can’t stop this uncontrollable sobbing at his passing. This morning, a man was found dead (through suffocation, is all I’ll say) in a Shanghai home and Kimi Qiao‘s agency have confirmed that it was their star. The various reports are stating depression, among other things, but his manager have come out to ask everyone from making wild guesses to soil his image before official investigation.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (39)

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I’m so glad it’s friday, I feel like a walking machine these past two weeks. Good thing my contract work for the summer will be over in two weeks so I can resume my normal work hours instead of these long shifts back to back to back…

Adulthood is hard. Enjoy your kiddiehood, my little friends. >.<”

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Chen Qiao En becomes Wang Kai’s bride in Stay With Me

Just when I’m about to head to bed, all these drama productions decide to drop some pretty stills. Of course, the one with a trailer gets prioritized. Yes, that’s the only reason! To celebrate Nick’s birthday, the production of Stay With Me (放弃我,抓紧我) releases its official trailer about an hour ago, highlighting the romantic moments of the OTP in Paris, the city of Love.

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