20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

With the drama section (Magnolia Awards) over with, here is the stars strutting it out for their upcoming movies! SO MANY. I’m drowning in pretty pics. The men are wicked awesome tonight. Usually they have on boring, routine stuff, but tonight, they shine more than the ladies, in my humble opinion. XD

Then there’s Weibo Night coming up…. O_O

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Liu Yi Fei, Yan Kuan, and Emile Hirsch for The Chinese Widow.

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Yang Mi and Chang Chen in Brotherhood of Blades 2.

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Yang Mi walks again with her crew from the movie Reset, alongside Wallace Huo, Liu Chang, and two YM robots.

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Wallace Huo also walks again with Zhou Xun for Our Time Will Come. My Eddie Peng is not here….

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A little stache does wonders for his face! GAH!

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Wallace Huo again with the boys from The Founding of An Army, alongside Zhu Ya Wen, Liu Ye, Ma Tian Yu (hubby!), Liu Hao Ran, Ou Hao. Ray is holding Wallace’s hand like a puppy. XD

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So SO SOOO Handsome!

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What are they talking about that he has to hold his hand? heee!

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William Chan and Lin Yun for their historical movie, Genghis Khan. Yep, William has a little cut on his face while filming so he’s sporting a band-aid.

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Japanese movie Roadshow with Aya Ueto and Takumi Saito.

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Xu Lu for her youth film, Our Shining Days.

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Zhang Tian Ai in Fan Xiao Bing’s arms for Father and Son.

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She walks again for Legend Of The Naga Pearls.

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Huang Xuan, director Feng Xiao Gang, and the ladies for Fang Hua.

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Victoria Song and Xia Yu and crew for Chinese fantasy film, Wished.

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Movie Guilty of Mind with Li Yi Feng and Li Chun.

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The beautiful ladies from the movie Girls 2; Janine Chang and Fiona Sit.

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Drug Dealer with Xu Zheng, Eric Wang, Zhou Yi Wei.

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My Other Home with Stephon Marbury, Vivian Dawson, Sunny Wwang, and Godfrey Gao.

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Movie Guess Who I Am with Cheney Chen, Joseph Chang, Kwai Lun Mei, and Jiang Meng Jie.

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Guns and Kidneys with Johnny Huang Jing Yu, Sean Zhang, and Zhang Lan Xin.

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Fist & Faith cast with Oho Ou, Kento Hayashi, and Ding Guan Sen. Awww Jing Tian is not there.

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Miss Xu Qing like a royalty in blue as one of the festival judges.

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Charmaine Sheh, Julian Cheung, Louis Koo, Charlene Choi and Gordon Lam for Accompany You.

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Stephen Fung (director role), Tony Yang, Zhang Jing Chu for The Adventurers.

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Movie The Dreaming Man (Miss Taken) with Bolin Chen, Zhang Yun Long, and Lin Yun.

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  1. 6 thoughts on “20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

    It’s funny how for the My Other Home cast, the guys just get taller and taller hahahahaha!!! That height difference with the people on the left is a lot haha!

    Li Chun and Liu Yi Fei’s dress are both rather underwhelming.

    Aww where is our Eddie!

    • 6 thoughts on “20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

      Godfrey Gao and his endless height and legs. They did invite the model boys for this movie. Lol.

  2. 6 thoughts on “20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

    I saw Stephon Marbury and I had to double check to see if I was seeing things. What’s he doing at a film festival?

    • 6 thoughts on “20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

      The movie is his own autobiographical movie so he might as well walk too. And he got a green card for China last year.

  3. 6 thoughts on “20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

    Yan kuan is so handsome!
    Ma Tianyu is so handsome!
    Johnny Yu is so handsome! <— My pick for best dressed male
    Zhang Yunlong is so handsome!

    that's all I got! Oh and I like the daringness of Chen Xuedong's outfit

  4. 6 thoughts on “20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

    Wonder why Wallace Huo choose to sport the mustache for this event. To look manly ?!

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