[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

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Can you make out the 3 people in this picture?

Since I requested but you stingy drifters didn’t want to help out (why?? I love free gifts!), I’ll just make banners of people I like! Over 120 banners this time. I tried to stay away from using colors (like always) but I failed. I love colors. 😀

~~~~~~ Categories ~~~~~~

~~~ A Gift For You ~~~

Here’s a special corner where I thank a certain group of people for their support! Banners will only be posted once that said person lands on their prize. Shout out in the Cbox when you see yours!

Keane found her quite quickly (1/02/14 & 1/07/14) I smell she cheated! :P. From Reply me 1997.


~~~ Celebrities Photo shoots ~~~

Bolin Chen. Not a very creative banner for this cute dimpled pie.
Batch3 (12)

Cecilia Cheung
Batch3 (48)

Chae Yeon
Batch3 (7)

Chen Xiao
Batch3 (30)

Chen Xue Dong. He’s in Tiny Times with Yang Mi.
Batch3 (18)

Eddie Peng
Batch3 (39)

Ethan Ruan

Fu Xin Bo & Tang Wei
Batch3 (47)

Feng Shao Feng & Yang Mi (just a tease!)

Gao Yuan Yuan
Batch3 (46)

George Hu
Batch3 (33)

Females whose names elude me.

Batch3 (50)



Batch3 (52)


Batch3 (1)



Han Geng

Hiro Mizushima (just to give Annette a reason to hyperventilate. 😛 )
Batch3 (9)

Kana Nishino. Japanese Singer.
Batch3 (10)

Kimi Qiao (Don’t know why I just like Kimi and his imperfect teeth!)
Batch3 (3)

Batch3 (4)

Batch3 (5)

Batch3 (6)

Kiritani Kenta. Replaced heart with some FIREYAAAAAAA!!

Kristy Yang.

Li Bing Bing
Batch3 (49)

Li Sheng
Batch3 (37)

Li Qian
Batch3 (2)

Margie Rasri
Batch3 (32)

Mark Chao

Ni Ni
Batch3 (36)

Nancy Wu
Batch3 (40)

Batch3 (41)

Rainie Yang
Batch3 (34)

Batch3 (35)

Rebecca Wang
Batch3 (42)

Sean Zhang. The tall daddy in Dad Where Are We Going (Chinese version).

Thai Calendar. I only know a couple. Help me out Frea! Or some other kind soul.




Vincent Wong. Love this man. His acting improves from one project to next.

Yaya Urassaya
Batch3 (31)

Yuki Furukawa. One of the few men who looks so good in yellow!

Zhao Li Ying. My girl crush’s name goes last on this list, alphabetically of course.

Batch3 (19)

~~~ My Favorite Couples ~~~

Kim Soo Hyun – Suzy.

Batch3 (20)

Toda Erika – Matsuda Shota. When will they ever reunite!!???


Kengo Kora – Toda Erika – Ikuta Toma. Someone make this happen.


~~~ Dramas & Movies ~~~

Chinese Paladin 3. Tang Yan is quickly becoming my girl crush too. She’s stunning in ancient series. Love all her hair ornaments.


Crows Zero. I notice that I always place a heart (s) near Sexy Kenta. My hubby. Hands off!

Batch3 (8)

Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils 2003.


Empresses in the Palace (Hou Gong Zhen Huan Zhuan). Li Dong Xue looks good in costume pieces.


Eternal Happiness. Michelle Ye & Raymond Lam.


Gu Family Book (I didn’t like the parents’ love story but this scene is cute.)

Batch3 (25)

Hammer Session! You gotta love pint-sized Shida Mirai against tall monkey Hayami Mokomichi.

Batch3 (23)

Hana Yori Dango

Batch3 (51)

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (2007). The crazy Nakatsu lives on!

Batch3 (21)


Incisive Great Teacher. Ye Zu Xin & Gui Gui


King of Lan Ling (Still haven’t made some for Yu Wen Yong yet… *sobs*)



Kagi no Kakatta Heya

Batch3 (28)

Batch3 (29)

Liar Game


Nao cracks me up with her dead-serious face.



Legends of Mermaid

Batch3 (44)

Batch3 (45)


Liu Yi Fei as Xiao Long Nv

Batch3 (24)


Mei Chan’s Butler. Japanese Drama.

Batch3 (22)




Nobunaga No Chef


Pee Mak Phra Khanong (Thai Horror-comedy).

Batch3 (14)

Batch3 (15)

Batch3 (17)

Qing Shi Huang Fei. This couple makes sense to me.


Queen of SOP 2 – the four guys. I still need to watch ( & finish this one.)

Batch3 (13)

Reply Me 1994. I wish I love this series like many others.


Reply Me 1997. HEART.



This scene is perfection.

Return of the Heiress. So cute. These two. Forget the storyline!




Running Man

Batch3 (43)

Batch3 (16)

Rurouni Kenshin


The Condor Heroes 2008. Naughty Yang Kang meeting his beloved Mu Nian Ci.


The Flower Spirit (Liao Zhai Hua Gu Zi). Below is Rebecca Wang.


The Holy Pearl. Gillian Chung’s outfit and makeup is simple and angelic.


The Swordsman 2013.

I love how this banner came out. Really brought out the perfection in Wallace’s skin!


Our Joe Chen becomes prettier as she ages.


Three Kingdoms RPG. LOL @ Shun suggesting googling for the solution to deal with the B****.

Triumph In the Skies 2

Batch3 (26)

Batch3 (27)



Xuan Yuan Sword – Rift of the Sky. More Tang Yan!


  1. 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

    These are amazingly created banners! I love your colorful banners. They brighten up my day somehow. And you always input cheeky phrases.

    Wallace Huo looks beautiful in that one! He should’ve been born a girl. lols.

    Happy New Year!

  2. 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

    *drools over everything* Omg Kappy, you’re brilliant.. no wonder you were dying these past few days… How long did it take you to make these? Everything is gorgeous and the colours are brilliant, I can’t get enough of them.. I even like Yu Zheng’s colours though… I’m a colour freak XD You deserve a giant hug *squishes to death* Ooops…

    Oh, may I take a stab at the thai banners? (Forgive me if I’m wrong, I’m so shoddy with names)
    (1)L->R Mario Maurer, Pream, Kimberly Voltemas, James Ma
    (2)L->R Rome, Ann, His-name-escapes-me, Grate
    (3)L->R Mark Prin, Kimberly Voltemas, Yaya Sperbund, Nadech Kugimiya
    (4)L->R Janie, Ken, Her-Name-Escapes-Me

    I’m not even going to try writing most of their last names.. I’ll probably butcher them >_<;;

  3. 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

    LeilaheartImjooHwan, thanks for the kinds words! ^^

    Nutella, thanks for the names! Frea was supposed to help out but I guess she’s gone for the new year! I began making these in the latter half of last year. Most were made during my December vacation. And I made 20 more recently.

    Isn’t it funny that Thai stars have pretty unique names? Those last names are wow!

    Happy New Year to all! Stay safe and prosper!

    • 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

      To complete Nutella’s list :
      1- Mario Maurer – “Pream” Ranida – “Margie” Rasri – James Ma
      2- “Rome” Patchata – Ann Thongprasom – “Aun” Wittaya – “Great” Warintorn
      3- “Mark” Prin – “Kim” Kimberley – “Yaya” Urasaya – “Berry” Nadech
      4- Janie – “Ken” Teeradeth – “Ploy” Cherman

      The names in ” ” are nicknames, followed by their given name, not their family name.
      Actually, Thai stars are known by their nickname + name, their surname is rarely used ^^
      Not just Thai stars, but Thai people in general have a nickname (given to them since birth) that they use in everyday’s life. It’s possible you know someone for years without knowing what their full name is.

      That said, those are very pretty banners. Maybe except the ones from Pee Mak… which are kinda creepy XD
      And of course, Happy New Year to all !

      • 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

        Great explanation Sousday! It’s quite interesting how they are referred with nick then name, while the last name is completely taken out.

        Awww… Pee Mak banners creep you out? I think their black teeth in general aren’t pleasant to the eyes!

  4. 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

    LMAO! Moi no cheat, okay!?! How can I, when you release them peu a peu (bit by bit, like the opening theme song to INR3)? Kiikii~ merci Mademoiselle.

    I’m still waiting on… a third surprise? I’m greeeeedy for your artistry.

    I am stumped when it comes to Thai names completely. Ahhhhh, I finally get clues to many dramas/faces I didn’t recognize before. I knew Kappy watches more dramas than me, but I had no clue by how much more… till now.

    I read the top model dad is gonna be on the Chinese version of Heirs. Smart backup career choice. Let’s make a date to snark-snerk all we want on this version as well.

    <----- My anthem for Year of the Horse.

    • 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

      im here! im here!

      nuhhhhh uhhhh KeanE! say it aint so?!!! a chinese freakin version of a show that failed on so many levels?!! Oh boy…is it a taiwanese remake? or a mainland production? They should stay awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy from HEIRS!

      kappy didn’t watch those thai dramas that I KEEP ON REFERRING TO HER THOUGH!! GURL!! stop procrastinating and enter the world of lakorns! you too keane! those thai celebrities are pictures i sent her so that she covers stars from the majority of asian countries. hehehehe lol

      my favorites are ethan ruan’s sad face/angry face, kimi’s vampire’s face (he looks good!!!), RM1997 Friends. that one just killed me. the friendship between the girls. FEEELS!! A summer’s wish, rainie’s I can hear your voice, Rurouni Kenshin’s electric blue lines. SO COOL! and tang yan looks magnficient in the pictures you chose. PURRTTYY!!

      • 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

        I read it’s a Mainland China remake since they have the moolah but mainland has yet to prove success in their remakes as Taiwan does ’em. I dropped so many MC remakes that those are just not my cup of tea. No mojo in remake talent IMHO. Meanwhile, you can watch the new YG group, WINNERS, do a parody of Heirs. Here: http://youtu.be/_WqOqsUvQ8U?t=5m34s (ROFL! I almost choked on a peppermint patty watching this parody. I had goosebumps all over.)

        Pardonne moi? Lakorns are like dark alleys in my dramaland map. I dunno why their dramas can’t capture my attention span. I do hope to successfully enjoy a Lakorn someday.

    • 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

      I’m afraid I didn’t make a third one Keane. I like that karaoke scene too but to me, that was Eun Ji’s weakest acting moment because she was totally blank while SIG was perfect in channeling heartbreak. I haven’t had a vision of how I wanted it to be.

      Chinese version of Heirs. Oh boy.

      • 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

        Doh!!! I understand. Art requires a valid inspiration. But ya’ know, I don’t mind a solo banner of SIG for that scene. LMAO!

        The top model dad is playing Kim Tan’s older bro, I believe, Kim Won????????? Swoon-worthy.

  5. 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

    I am loving the hyd and nakatsu ones.. Brings back memories.. 🙂

  6. 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

    hey guys, love the banners, they are very beautiful! … and I would like to give it a shot, but have no idea where to start. is there a place were i could look for a tutorial or something to give it a shot. As i was looking at those beautiful banners i kept thinking how great it would be to have some as bookmarks… and that got me thinking….

    • 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

      GAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Erase that thought!

      It was originally an idea of mine as part of AVV giveaway, but then my friends told me that these days people don’t use bookmarks anymore (you all use kindle/electric reader), so I didn’t pursue that topic anymore.

      For photoshop, you’d need to have lot of patience and practice. Google photoshop tutorials and you would find thousands of websites. Make sure they are for beginners. Good luck!

      • 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

        ooooohhhhhhh….. *swoon* bookmarks! there are still many people that like to read books, it would be nice to have bookmarks like those, and who knows? it could be an incentive for people to pick up a book again 😉

  7. 16 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Rotating Banners

    how can u do that?
    thats amazing..
    i love it..
    can u tell me?

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