Drama OST: The King’s Woman, Nothing Gold Can Stay, Lost Love In Times, Attention Love

Will have to post OSTs in batches!

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Wei Chen sings themesong for The Starry Night The Starry Sea Second

If you remember, the modern version of The Starry Night The Starry Sea (那片星空那片海), a drama adapted from Tong Hua‘s novel about merman ended earlier this year. The ancient version will showcase the leads’ previous love lives… The main OTP and some cast members returned with the addition of Hong Kong actor, Bosco Wong, donning a mask. Press conference was held this morning with Wei Chen singing the opening themesong.

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Cdrama: Princess Agents OST + Instrumentals

I totally forgot about this series’ OST, an indication of how much I “loved” it. LOL.

I’ll have a dumping station soon with a bunch of other soundtracks. But bear in mind that not all Chinese dramas have a dedicated soundtrack (unlike Korean dramas).

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CMovie Updates: Legend of Demon Cat, Growing Pains, Youth, Love Is A Broadway Hit

Sailor Moon! Oh man…. this brings back memories. Lol. A lot of updates for movies from new stills to new teasers/songs; a huge chunk taken from the next news batch and some you might have seen on AVV twitter as I battled against site issues!

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Per Chinese Valentine’s Day, Sun Yi sings themesong for Siege in Fog OST

Well, at least we have some updates? Still no confirmed news of a broadcast date despite two leaked episodes. But the new song is a good indication that they have gotten the green light to air….very soon (rumor is on QQ). The reason why I didn’t include those leaked episodes anywhere because watching them means 1) you’re supporting the said youtube channel making money not the right way. 2) does not quench your thirst.

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Web Cdrama: The Eternal Love (双世宠妃, 2017) OST

It’s a wrap for webdrama The Eternal Love with Xing Zhao Lin and Liang Jie! We will see whether they will truly continue or not with a Season 2. What a more perfect way to end the series with a serenade of their songs. They didn’t release an official soundtrack so this is just my own compilation of the 8 songs, requested by Soo a few weeks ago.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (58)

News throughout the week! =D

And nooooooo Princess Agents 2 is all a rumor as of this point.

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The King’s Woman reveals ending themesong, Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud has new trailer

Uh Oh, I think I’m swayed by the ending themesong music video to check out The King’s Woman with Zhang Bin Bin and Dilraba as they are all cute and sweet. Vin should be crowned the fastest kisser in Cdramaland. Blink and you’ll miss them quick pecks. HA!

I know it’s a trick and the angst will come but…. them smirks…. T_T

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