[Batch 4] Rotating Banners

Those with a pair of keen eyes, do you know that I have been using the same template/theme for 3 years already? Every time I want to change to a new one, I don’t have the heart to do it, so I end up changing the colors….and of course the annual switch-over to new banners. Lol.

If you’re wondering who is who in the rotating banners/headers for 2015, continue to read (I’ll be adding more.) If you would like to donate me some artworks…. CLICK CLICK CLICK. =D

~~~ Celebrities Photo shoots ~~~

Boran Jing. He looks good!

Batch4 (35)

Batch4 (48)

Gui Gui.

Batch4 (12)

Kimi Qiao.

Batch4 (30)


Batch4 (5)

Li Yi Feng.

Batch4 (7)

Masahiro Higashide. He is what I called the Jun (from Arashi) that I can love. šŸ˜‰ He’s the hotter version. hee! Shhh…someone must not know this. *coughkxyzcough*

Batch4 (55)

Osamu Mukai.

Batch4 (54)

Rainbow Wang. Beautiful photoshoot. Love how this turned out.

Batch4 (46)

Rachael Mao Xiao Tong.

Batch4 (2)

Ryan Zheng.

Batch4 (27)

Tian Jing. This girl has immaculate skin.

Batch4 (36)

Batch4 (39)

Tiffany Hsu. Stunning photoshoot.

Batch4 (29)

Tina Tang.

Batch4 (11)

Tsumabuki Satoshi.

Batch4 (44)

Vicky Zhao & best friend, Huang Xiao Ming.

Batch4 (25)

Batch4 (41)

Wang Zhi.

Batch4 (21)

Yang Rong. So elegant.

Batch4 (31)

Yang Yang.

Batch4 (26)

I forgot her name… UGHHH.

Batch4 (38)

Zhang Meng. She’s looking fierce lately!

Batch4 (52)

Zhou Dong Yu & Shawn Dou. My babies need to have another drama/movie together to seal the deal and heal my shippy heart.

Batch4 (53)

~~~ Dramas & Movies ~~~

Beauty’s Maker.

Batch4 (8)

Female Prime Minister. Rewatching this series so you will see more banners pop up. My babies!! AHHH!!

Batch4 (32)

Batch4 (33)

Batch4 (34)

For Love or Money. Liu Yi Fei. Yep, only her.

Batch4 (28)

Incisive Great Teacher.

Batch4 (9)

Line Walker. LOL. Still laughing at Deng Jeh’s money-hungry ways.

Batch4 (49)

The small caption: A fight against money…is a losing fight. šŸ˜›

Batch4 (50)

A very intense scene to film; her eyes, lips, and ears were all fired up with emotions. =)

Batch4 (51)

Love Weaves Through A Millennium. Look forward for more!

Batch4 (47)

Love is Back. They are crazy but she’s so cuteeeeeee.

Batch4 (3)

Princess of Lan Ling. This drama is gonna break my heart. T_T Look how many banners I created BEFORE it even has an air date!

Batch4 (10)

Batch4 (13)

Batch4 (14)

Ouroboros. heehee!

Batch4 (19)

Qing Shi Huang Fei. Liu Tao is effortlessly elegant.

Batch4 (40)

Sound of the Desert.

Batch4 (15)

Batch4 (24)

Batch4 (23)

Batch4 (20)

Tiny Times. This is Amber Kuo.

Batch4 (16)

The Lost Tomb. CANNOT WAIT.

Batch4 (6)


The Originals. My Klebekah siblings! The kid versions are precious.

Batch4 (42)

Batch4 (43)

V Love.

Batch4 (4)

~~~ Real Life Couples ~~~

Chae Rim and her husband Gao Zi Qi.

Batch4 (1)

Li Sheng and Li Jia Hang.

Batch4 (22)

~~~ Banners Donated by the Kind Miss Kim ~~~

Thank-you so much for stepping up! =)

Tong Li Ya.

KimsBan (6)

Liu Xiao Xiao.

KimsBan (5)

Yang Mi.

KimsBan (4)

KimsBan (1)

Chen Xiao

KimsBan (3)

Tang Yan.

KimsBan (2)

Kimberly Voltemas.

KimsBan (3)

Tina Tang.

KimsBan (2)

Yang Rong in Beauty’s Maker.

KimsBan (1)

Zhao Li Ying in The Journey of Flower.

KimsBan (4)

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    you should do more sarcastic ones, like the ab-viewing one!! Lol!!

    love the line walker ones. charmaine was so funny in the early parts before the crazy came!!

    <3<3<3 The originals!! OMGGG!! PERFECT!!

  2. 2 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Rotating Banners

    My favorite is the one with Li Yi Feng and the last one with Zhao Li Ying.

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