Rookie Agent Rouge: Episode 1 “Sherlock.”

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Our heroine lives a life of privilege: a perfect upper class lady who has the deathly combination of looks, brains, and background. Yan Zhi has no desire to be an agent, despite wanting to be challenged intellectually, but after this little incident, she has little choice. So begins our rookie agent’s journey.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (41)

There’s no better time than now to do a batch news! Happy Sunday!

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Zhao Li Ying asks for grieving space at Rookie Agent Rouge Press Conference

You guys don’t know, having a laptop means so much to me. It’s an extension outside the four walls of this white room. The upcoming republican drama, Rookie Agent Rogue (胭脂) has geared up its promotions, holding multiple press conferences in the past several days since it’s airing on the 27th. At one conference, our poor baby girl is badgered by reporters about her silence on weibo when it comes to Kimi’s passing. She basically tells them that each person has their own way of grieving, and hopes that people will respect the dead, giving space for everyone to mourn and accept the tragic news (really appreciate her costars patting her supportively during the interview). They also reveal new trailers and Li Ying’s song for Rouge OST, which is a very slow, slow song.

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Silence Wang sings for Zhao Li Ying’s Rookie Agent Rouge OST

The first song of Rookie Agent Rouge (胭脂) is released! Our girl (Zhao Li Ying) looks like she might be turning the attention of her two teachers, taking their apprenticeships to the next level… Her two shifus, one in camp (Mickey Yuan Wen Kang), and one in mission (Lu Yi). Last time when her feelings strayed, we know what happened!! Lol.


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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (39)

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I’m so glad it’s friday, I feel like a walking machine these past two weeks. Good thing my contract work for the summer will be over in two weeks so I can resume my normal work hours instead of these long shifts back to back to back…

Adulthood is hard. Enjoy your kiddiehood, my little friends. >.<”

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (37)

It’s been a while! So many news that I can’t get to them individually.

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