Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers~

Ever wondered who was behind the screen, writing up some of your favorite recaps and reviews? Ever wanted to hear such reviews come to life and fangirl with us on the go?

Welcome everyone to a new series the team at A Virtual Voyage is looking forward to bringing to the community this June. 

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Downtime, sever overload, unhelpful support, hair loss…

Sorry everyone for the 10+ hours of downtime. I was working when I got the email that the site got suspended. I was horrified and stressed out the whole day because I couldn’t reach my hosting account chat support. All of a sudden, one plugin stopped working and the support team told me to disable it, now the whole theme isn’t working and I’m asked to reactivate the plugin and change theme… And here I am, staring at this boring theme without my rotating headers, I feel very bare right now. Time to move on to a new hosting website. So please bear with the unattractive design for at least a few days while I get things straightened out. Thank-you everyone for your patience! Don’t abandon me! Lol. (I feel abandoned by my host already!)

Celebrating the Virtual Team’s 5th Birthday!

Ah, another milestone in our journey. I’m never good with age (snerk!), so anniversaries tend to pass by when I see wrinkles. Hee. I actually contemplated real hard whether to make this AVV’s 1st birthday because it’s our first year in a self-hosted blog. But then again, that would mean not acknowledging all the efforts we’ve put in for the past 4 years. And that’s just not cute. Raise your hand if you’ve been with us through it all (broken friendships with file hosts and all), from You’re Beautiful to now? I doubt I’ll get a handful. 😛

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