Cdramas Airing This Week: Wrong Carriage Right Groom, Stand by Me, Fake It Till You Make It, The Evidence Tells, The Legend of Zhuohua and more!

Forgot about this post and now almost everything has aired. Lol

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Peng Guan Ying and Cai Wen Jing reunite in Unexpected Falling

If you enjoyed their previous collaboration in The Confidence, which was twisted and all sorts of wrong, please welcome their reunion in Unexpected Falling (不期而至)! The story follows our female lead who finds herself suddenly engulfed in debts after her husband passed away. Our male lead then steps into her life as a lawyer.

Airing 11/2~

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Cdrama Updates: Wei You An Xiang Lai, The Assassin, Le You Yuan, The Road to Home, Gong Su Jing Ying

Happy Weekends! Wooohoo!

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Cdrama News Updates: Hu Tong, I Want To Be Brothers With You, There’s a Genie Next Door, Hello The Sharp Shooter, Yan Yu Fu, and more

Happy Weekend! B)

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New Batch of Cdramas to Air: Master Wait a Moment, Hello Prosecutor, GO into Your Heart, The Justice, Double Tap

A few dramas airing on the same day here… I wonder if the new frenzy to secure a slot is done so before the “clean-up crew” finds something they don’t like to shelve a drama indefinitely.

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Ling Long (The Blessed Girl) with Yuan Hong, Zhao Jin Mai, and Lin Yi announces premiere date

Ling Long aka The Blessed Girl (玲珑) is a fantasy drama produced by Tangren. After the peaceful continent, Suchuan, protected by the gods fall, everything falls into chaos. Determined to fix the unsettling period, the young King (Lin Yi) leaves his throne in search of the gods and comes to know of a girl (Zhao Jin Mai) who possesses strong spiritual power of the gods. She and her father (Yuan Hong) live in a remote village and together the three go on an adventure against the evil forces.

Airing 1/29~

I can’t take it. YH is now a papa! Zhao Jin Mai is only….18…. And our male lead Lin Yi is 22. YH is 38…

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Cdramas To Air This Week: Beauty From Heart, Hello My Youth, My First Love Is Secret Love, Game Changer, The Most Beautiful You In The World

At first it was five dramas, then 6, 7, 8, and now this post has 11 dramas for this week alone. Oh my gosh, China! Too many!

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Cai Wen Jing and Peng Guan Ying’s The Controllers gets a name change and surprise broadcast

The Confidence (阳光之下), which used to be called The Controllers, has undergone a name change and began airing yesterday 12/26! I thought it was just another modern drama sets in a corporation backdrop but the novel is very, very dark. Maybe pitch black? I’m quite horrified at the quick reviews I read from novel readers. Let’s call the dark character played by Peng Guan Ying as the main character and not male lead because he’s not one in my book. His love (??) for the female lead is possessive, obsessive, and just down right bat-crap crazy. Our female lead chances upon three criminals on her way to see her boyfriend and they want to “have fun” with her. She luckily escapes and kills one of them, but the main one gets away and he’s our main character, son of a mafia organization.

He plots his revenge against her, threatening her with her husband’s life if she doesn’t follow his needs. He proceeds to torture and rape her multiple times. O_O In the middle of this horrendous nightmare, our heroine discovers that his right hand man at the company is an undercover cop. She works together with him to gather evidence to take down the psychopath.


I’m sure the drama version will cut/change out a lot of the details. I hope. Lol.

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