Cdramas Airing This Week: Dear Diary, Party A Who Lives Beside Me, Thai Remake of Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Win The Gold, and more

Couple of more dramas this weekend. Are you drowning in dramas yet?

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Friday Photoshoots: Li Yi Feng, Zhou Dong Yu, Wu Jing, Chang Chen

Hope your friday went well! My friday started with a morning cold splash. Lol. So this girl and her friend hopped on the bus and dropped one of their starbucks drinks….right on my thighs. I’m not one to draw attention to myself so I was busy wiping off the colorful splash on my scrubs until I noticed fingers pointing and raising voices around me. Apparently, the older community on the bus was livid the girl didn’t apologize and called them rude teenagers and all. The teen girl and her friend….cursed right back. O_O. Then the tension got real and the girls decided to hop off the bus and put up their fingers outside the window. Sigh. What great kids we have taking care of elderly us in the future. Parents, spend ample time teaching your kids!

But anyway, long holiday weekend ahead of me!! =D

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Kisses and PDA at Taiwan’s 50th Golden Bell Awards

Can’t let Mainland celebrities steal all the limelight, so Taiwanese artists also deck out their gowns and jewelries for a dazzling walk down the red carpet for their annual television production award.

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The Way We Were: Episode 9 “Losses.”

 photo WWW9-46-1.jpg

Everyone loses something in this episode. And this drama loses me. Unfortunately, this will be my last recap for TWWW. Why? 1) I’m tired of repeating myself every episode. 2) The story goes in circles. 3) Not much to discuss. 4) I stop caring about the main OTP. They are infuriating.

Questions to ponder: If you were Jia Ni, would you forgive your best friend and husband for that one night? If you were Wei De, would you let the past haunt your present?

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The Way We Were: Episode 8 “Role-play.”

 photo 3a7baedc-4fc3-4029-9eac-031faa80360f.jpg
I’m so happy they are happy. *puts on smirk*

A recap becomes a chore when I spend 10 minutes staring at my notepad without writing a single word in it. And this is exactly what happened. The charms of the first four episodes have disappeared for a while now. Instead we have a group of friends role-playing a character that they suck at. No, I don’t love you, but I’m just gonna look at you with googly eyes. Or I have already moved on, but I’m just gonna stick around when you’re sad so maybe we might have another one-night stand? Or I am strong and independent because people say that I am therefore I must be

So I apologize beforehand for this is not a proper recap.

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