Luo Jin and Zhou Dong Yu confirmed drama Behind The Scenes

Luo Jin is working hard this year, ain’t he? Dramas after dramas! He just wrapped up his modern drama with real-life girlfriend Tang Yan and now he’s confirming another modern drama with movie princess Zhou Dong Yu. Behind the Scenes (幕后之王) is about a media student (Zhou Dong Yu) who fosters a dream of becoming an outstanding producer. She aspires after a high-end producer (Luo Jin) and applies to become an intern at his production company. But his cold and unreasonable temper disappoints her. As her hopes diminish, she has an accident on live broadcast which leads to her losing her job and missing the time frame to submit her thesis. But it is the hero who jumps in to save the live broadcast and letting our heroine see another side to his personality. They slowly become closer, fighting side-by-side to overcome difficulties and eventually reaping the results of their hard labor and love.

It sounds….typical….. but with the charms of these two, maybe the drama will be more exciting in motion?

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My Story For You: Zheng Shuang goes through thick and thin with Luo Jin

The first official trailer is dropped and My Story For You with Zheng Shuang and Luo Jin feels very different from your usual overly dramatic Chinese modern dramas. It’s hard for me to stomach 90% of modern Cdramas or should I say the mainstream ones with popular actors and actresses. It tends to drag on for a thousand of dog-blood years before reaching an abrupt end. Lol. Maybe because it’s based on a writer’s personal love story with his wife, so he was able to work with the team to create the atmosphere he wanted. I do like what I see ~

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Tang Yan’s Drama Updates: See You Again with Shawn Dou, The Way We Were with Luo Jin, Villainous role in Hero’s Dream

Updates for Tang Yan. 🙂

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Luo Jin’s Drama Updates: Return to college days in The Way We Were and My Story For You

No one is luckier than Luo Jin these days, he gets to work with real life girlfriend Tang Yan (5th time!) in The Way We Were after collaborating with humbling bee Zheng Shuang in My Story For You, both dramas feature the beautiful college days, one overseas and one back in 90s China.

UPDATE: Trailers for the other two unaired dramas: The Gods and modern drama Love’s Lies.

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Review it: Once Upon A Time aka Three Lives Three Worlds (CMovie, 2017)

The movie adaptation of Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花) called Once Upon A Time hit theaters in the states on August 11th. It stars the gorgeous visual pair of Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei.

If you have watched, time to voice your opinions! I ‘ll be tuning in next week!

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Liu Yi Fei’s Movie Updates: Once Upon A Time New Trailer, Han Son and The Beast

Excited for both movies! While OUAT has endless promos approaching its premiere date, Han Son and The Beast remains tightly under wraps until this week and they finished filming a long time ago!

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Na Ying sings for Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei’s Once Upon A Time OST

First song is out for the movie adaptation of Tang Qi’s novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms! The movie is called Once Upon A Time with Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei as leads depicting a love story that spans three lifetimes for them to finally get together.

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