Zhao Li Ying’s The Story of Xing Fu to begin airing at the end of June

June is almost over?!

Li Ying’s drama is confirmed for airing! It’s a drama adaption of Zhang Yi Mou’s The Story of Qiu Ju, which was also based on Chen Yuan Bin’s novella. The drama version will be called The Story of Xing Fu (幸福到万家).

Airing 6/29~

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[Inspirational Clip] Armless Pianist, Liu Wei, winner of China’s Got Talent Final 2010

Alice: This short, emotional performance put me to tears. I’m sure everyone of us here will feel the same inspiration and motivation as I do after you watch this clip. Instead of being bitter of what we don’t have, be proud and blessed of the things we have. Cherish every moment in your life. Remember, if you don’t love yourself, no one will.

Liu Wei, You’re beautiful. Everyone of us is.