Dylan Xiong Zi Qi and Lai Yu Meng begin filming As Long As You Love Me

Stepmother is getting richer and richer! Her novels keep getting drama adaptations! Fei Wo Si Cun is well-known in cyberspace so I don’t have to introduce her anymore right? Her latest one is As Long As You Love Me (爱情的开关) which has cast Dylan Xiong Zi Qi and Lai Yu Meng in the main roles. Tidbits from the novel: They share the same last name since her mother remarries after her father dies (not accident *shade*) to his father. He wasn’t the greatest stepbrother but they did share a beautiful childhood love after he softens to their presence before his father’s obsession with her mother grows out of control. Like father, like son? The two lovebirds decide to elope but on the day of their flight, he’s called back home and tells the girl to wait. The heroine eventually returns to find her family in tragedy. The man she loves now looks at her like an enemy. Turns out her mother has learned the truth about her deceased husband and hires a man to shoot his father – now he’s left with a brain of a child. To avenge for his father, the hero shoots HER mother in the head, leaving her in a vegetative state. Their love broken, he forces her to stay by his side as he tortures her….letting her watch him date and stay with other girls.

Dang…… I’m out. But the drama version probably won’t go that far…

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Shawn Dou Xiao’s upcoming dramas: Tribes and Empires, Tears In Heaven, See You Again, Survivor To Healer

I miss Mr. Sunshine. Don’t you? After making a splash in dramaland with his tv debut performance as Prince Yan Xun in Princess Agents, Shawn Dou has other projects to quench your thirst; all of which have finished filming (he wrapped the last one up last week). For the count, Shawn has four unaired dramas under his belt. Reminders below. =D

Words in the alley reveal that Tears in Heaven is airing on 10/9. *fingers crossed*

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Per Chinese Valentine’s Day, Sun Yi sings themesong for Siege in Fog OST

Well, at least we have some updates? Still no confirmed news of a broadcast date despite two leaked episodes. But the new song is a good indication that they have gotten the green light to air….very soon (rumor is on QQ). The reason why I didn’t include those leaked episodes anywhere because watching them means 1) you’re supporting the said youtube channel making money not the right way. 2) does not quench your thirst.

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Eastern Palace Drama (Goodbye My Princess) casts Chen Xing Xu and Peng Xiao Ran as leads

Looks like the drama adaptation of Fei Wo Si Cun‘s novel Eastern Palace (东宫), has officially begun filming with an English name of Goodbye My Princess. Just like any other novels, it will get multiple versions: a movie, one drama, and a possible webdrama. The movie version has Zhao Li Ying and Yang Yang’s names attached as rumors for years but yet nothing is made of it. While the drama adaptation did have Fan Bing Bing as the rumored female lead for a little while. No confirmation was made until the drama weibo posted on August 6th that a big move would be taking place soon and in the comment section, fans dropped names, most popular are Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi. Lol.

But today the booting ceremony takes place with the confirmed leads… guess who?

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Shawn Dou returns all the love to Li Qin in Tears of Heaven

Now that Princess Agents has shown us how Yan Xun royally does not love Yuan Chun, Shawn Dou will have to repay all the feelings to Li Qin in their melo modern drama Tears of Heaven (海上繁花). New stills have been released, right on time for our princess’s dark transformation going forward. This is adapted from Fei Wo Si Cun‘s novel Variety Flowers At Seaside (剧海上繁花) so there’s a lot of angst and sadness for everyone…

Now….now… Shawn, let’s get a reunion with Li Ying to cure my broken heart. I’m waiting. Lol!

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Tears in Heaven Trailer: Li Qin’s devastated between Zhang Yun Long and Shawn Dou

Errgawd. This is so sad (why must they look so happy?!). I was giggling my way through the first trailer until the show reminds me it’s a melodrama, adapted from stepmother Fei Wo Si Cun‘s novel Variety Flowers At Seaside (剧海上繁花) and officially called Tears in Heaven. Li Qin looks so sweet with both male leads, especially with Zhang Yun Long since they have a happy period together before krap hits the fan and he literally goes to heaven. The female lead role is very heavy in the book as she carries heartbreak and devastation from one relationship to another, torn between past love, current love, and future love. Yes, that’s three men in total but one of them is a bag of dirt compared to the other two.

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First Stills of Tears in Heaven with Li Qin and Shawn Dou

Awfully bright and cute stills for a drama dubbed as melo. Seriously, they are so cute and bright in the photos. Why can’t she have a twin? Why can’t she have both? Both boys (Shawn Dou and Zhang Yun Long) are tall, handsome, and have great smiles. Li Qin seems like the sweetest girl around too. GAHHHHHHHH.

Tears in Heaven (海上繁花) is the drama adaptation of novel Variety Flowers At Seaside (剧海上繁花) written by Fei Wo Si Cun.

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