Matt Peeranee and Nadech Kugimiya at costume fitting for You Who Came From the Stars

Looks good. The Thai Remake of Korean series You Who Came From the Stars has cast Matt Peeranee and Nadech Kugimiya as the leads and they had a costume fitting yesterday and both look amazing, especially Matt Peeranee, she’s feisty and those eyebrows – they slay. Filming is due to begin in October!

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Thai Remake of You Who Came From the Stars casts Nadech Kugimiya and Matt Peranee

Ah, Kim Hubby’s drama, You Who Came From the Stars, gets a Thai Adaptation, securing actor Nadech Kugimiya and Matt Peranee in the leading roles. Interesting, to me the original is totally owned by Jun Ji Hyun so it will be a challenge for another actress to top or come close to her perfect performance as the famous starlet who lives next door to our male lead, a 400-year old cynical alien with super powers. I don’t know much about Thai dramaland and a quick google tells me both of the Thai actors are under 30! So young despite their more mature faces.

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Thai Version of Princess Hours (Goong) with Pattie Ungsumalin and Tao Sattaphong

Based on a Korean manhwa Goong, Princess Hours is getting an adaptation from Thailand! Don’t know about everyone else, but I think Thai has a knack of remaking dramas successfully, like Full House and It started With A Kiss. Goong is not my favorite Kdrama or anything close, but it is to many people, including my mom. That woman, she loves everything I don’t. Lol.

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Thai Version of It Started With A Kiss drops stills and teaser

After the success of Full House, the pair of Mike D. Angelo and Aom Sucharat will reunite in another remake of popular Japanese manga series that we all know too well, Itazura na Kiss. The official title of the new adaption is Kiss Me and is slotted to hit broadcast in September. The teaser is quite cute, not overdone, and I think the addition of a new member might just make this version a winner. But don’t hold your breath on me watching it. Lol. All of the guys picked to play the intelligent and dino male lead has yet to convince me they love the dumb girl… even if the girls are cute and kind as a bunny!

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2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

Full-sized image here. Pic Credit: Kimberly’s IG

2014 was an odd, odd year. And I use that in a way that makes litotes stand up and clap in awe. Many many bad things happened. Many weird things happened.

And then it got weirder.

I didn’t watch a single Korean or Japanese drama past the first episode. None. Now this may not seem like an extraordinary event to you, but as a person who has religiously watched dramas ever since Meteor Garden aired (at the grand old age of 9, folks), I am sure that the end of the world is soon to come. And I’m convinced, that unless I find a good drama to watch in 2015, imma be struck by lightening. And I know ya’ll think I’m joking but I get jumpy when hear the crackle of static from my sweater, so let’s hope something good comes up soon.

Anyway, as a hopeful glance to the near future, let’s recount all the promises in store for us:

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