Cdramas Airing This Week: Spy Game, Stand By Me, Bright Eyes in the Dark, Faithful, Best Enemy, and more!

Out on time! Yay me!

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=======> ♦ Just Dance (踮起脚尖靠近你) with Ding Yi Yi and Liu Yu Han began airing 9/12.

Synopsis from Youku: A cheerful girl from the Dai ethnic group, Shi Xiaochun, with a lot of enthusiasm, finally gets admitted to Haicheng Dance Academy, one of the top dance academies in China, after a lot of twists and turns. However, after admission, Shi Xiaochun found that her dancing she has always been proud of is just amateur in the eyes of the elite of the Haicheng Dance Academy. Fortunately, with the motivation of Ballet Prince, Ling Chen and Devil Tutor, Yu Lihua, as well as Ballet Princess, Yu Manman finding faults, the Good-for-nothing League buddies going through the ups and downs together, and the discerning eye of innovative teacher, Lin Shi’an, Shi Xiaochun advances all the way through and passes through all challenges. Ling Chen is gradually touched by Shi Xiaochun’s passion and persistence in dance, and finds his long lost self. He begins to develop a crush on Shi Xiaochun. At the beginning of the new semester, the course has changed from classical ballet to modern ballet, and Xiaochun, who has just got the hang of it, is at a loss again. Faced with the pressure of schoolwork, preparation for competitions and love setbacks, what will happen to Shi Xiaochun and Ling Chen?

=======> ♦ Miss Lucky Go! (锦鲤是个技术活) with Liu Te and Lin Qi Yu began airing 9/13.

Synopsis from SenTV: Chen Miren, who aspires to become a figurine designer, applied for the design department but was reassigned to business administration. To make matters worse, she ended up in the same class as Zhong Wei, her ex-boyfriend and the popular guy she once dumped in high school. Facing Zhong Wei’s relentless pursuit under the guise of ‘tormenting revenge,’ Chen finds herself trapped in a relationship built on misunderstandings and unable to articulate her feelings…

=======> ♦ Faithful (九义人) with Wu Qian, Li Jia Hang, and Hu Yi Xuan began airing 9/15.

Synopsis from WeTV: The story follows the life of a young girl who connects nine individuals from various walks of life, like a constable, a pickpocket, a noblewoman, a scholar, and so on, to her destiny. In the end, they all come together and embark on a thrilling revenge mission on her behalf.

=======> ♦ Hello, I’m At Your Service (金牌客服董董恩) with Xu Lu and Wei Zhe Ming began airing 9/15.

Synopsis from Qiyi: This series is adapted from Bu Yi Ma Qi‘s novel of the same name. It tells the story of how Dong Dong’en, a top-tier customer service representative, captures the heart of Lou Yuan, a client representative, with her own charm in the battle of wits and courage. Due to a misunderstanding between the top-tier customer service representative Dong Dong’en (played by Xu Lu) and the client representative Lou Yuan (played by Miles Wei), the mundane workplace life becomes a whirlwind. After starting the job at the client’s office, not only does Dong Dong’en excel in showcasing her top-tier professionality, but she also captures Lou Yuan’s heart with her own charm in the battle of wits and courage with the client.

=======> ♦ Stand By Me (那些回不去的年少时光) with Zhao Jin Mai and Bai Yu Fan to air 9/16.

Synopsis from Viki: Growing up in the 1990s, Luo Qi Qi (Zhao Jin Mai) had a rather unique school career. Having survived her lonely elementary years, she moved into a rather chaotic phase during middle school. Now, as a high school senior, she faces the inevitable challenges that come with transitioning into young adulthood.

Never a great student, the pressure of passing college entrance exams and getting into a good university is at times unbearable. Lucky for Qi Qi, her stubborn nature means she refuses to accept defeat, at least in most cases. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said when it comes to love. Having been on and off friends with Xu Xiao Bo (Bai Yu Fan) for years, Qi Qi has recently started to notice that it’s become a lot more difficult to understand their relationship. Sometimes it seems like his feelings for her have developed into something beyond friendship but at other times, it seems like they’re nothing more than old acquaintances.

Struggling to make sense of so much of her life, Qi Qi embarks on a journey of growth, love, and friendship. Will the lessons she learns while she’s young lead her to a brighter future?

Adapted from the novel “Those Youthful Times That Can’t Go Back” by Tong Hua, “Stand By Me” is a 2023 Chinese romance drama directed by Wang Zhi Yong.

=======> ♦ Best Enemy (宿命之敌) with Gao Zhi Ting, Wang Shen, and Chen Yao to air 9/16.

=======> ♦ Bright Eyes in the Dark (他从火光中走来) with Huang Jing Yu and Zhang Jing Yi to air 9/19.

Synopsis from Qiyi: Lin Lu Xiao has excellent firefighting skills and rich firefighting experience, and is the chief of the special duty station in Beixun City. By chance, he was chosen to be the instructor of a reality show that aims to popularize firefighting knowledge. During the program, Lin Lu Xiao met Nanchu, a dancer he saved from a fire many years ago. Nanchu is full of affection for Lin Lu Xiao, but Lin Lu Xiao is reluctant to approach him because he is aware of the dangers of his profession. A new generation of young and brave firefighters such as Shao Nixing and Qin Shiquan are emerging, and Lou Mingyei, who brought back advanced equipment and technology from abroad, has also returned to the fire department. The old, middle-aged and young firefighters worked together in fire, earthquake, air rescue and other disaster rescues, raising the level of fire safety in Beixun City to a new level. Nanchu and Lin Lu Xiao also gradually deepened their understanding in the determination of their own hearts, facing the most dangerous forest fires, Lin Lu Xiao and his teammates still choose to advance against the fire.

=======> ♦ Hao Shi Cheng Shuang (好事成双) with Zhang Xiao Fei and Huang Xiao Ming to air 9/19.

=======> ♦ Spy Game (特工任务) with Han Geng, Wei Da Xun, and Li Yi Tong to air 9/20.

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