Previews of Upcoming Tencent (mostly) Cdramas 2023

I’m embarrassed to say it took me four days to compile this list. In the past, only 2 days! A galore of Trailers and new stills!

Which drama (s) are you looking forward to?

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Cdrama News Updates: Hu Tong, I Want To Be Brothers With You, There’s a Genie Next Door, Hello The Sharp Shooter, Yan Yu Fu, and more

Happy Weekend! B)

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Zhou Yan Chen meets cross-dressed Xu Hao in Celestial Authority Academy

Celestial Authority Academy (通天书院) is adapted from the novel written by Shu Lan. The story follows the hi-jinks that take place at the renowned Tong Tian Academy, established by the big four royal families for privileged kids. Our female lead (Xu Hao) is a popular writer that has fans lining up, including the Queen. Because of her popularity, she’s accepted into Tong Tian Academy cross-dressing as a male. There she meets the four trouble makers, starting with our male lead, played by Zhou Yan Chen. Why does this feel like a watered down version of Sungkyunkwan Scandal? Lol.

Airing 2/25 (If you’re VIP, you get the full series) ~

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First trailers: Chen Kun’s The Rise of Phoenixes, Wu Jin Yan’s Story of Yan Xi’s Palace, Zhang Yi Shan’s Chong Er’s Preach

Of the three dramas, I’m only interested in the one pictured above…. can you blame me!?

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Chen Kun’s The Rise of Phoenixes drops generous amount of character stills

What’s the occasion? Drama The Rise of Phoenixes drops a wagon of character stills just an hour ago. We usually get like 6 or 9 stills but over 20?! Thank-you for being generous production team! The rich and dark color palette stands out. SO PRETTY!

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