Official Trailer for Tang Wei and Zhu Ya Wen’s Empress of the Ming

As we have said before. Solid casting. An official trailer was dropped three days ago and here I’m talking about it now. See how fast I am these days with news? Tang Wei‘s drama comeback is Empress of the Ming with actor Zhu Ya Wen, and the story follows their love story of 50 years, first as best friends (grew up together) before they don the royal robes – she as Empress Xiaogongzhang and he as Emperor Xuande, the fifth emperor of the Ming dynasty. You will see plenty of familiar faces in the trailer such as Qiao Zhen Yu, Lay (as Emperor Yingzong of Ming), Yu Hao Ming (Zhu Gaoxu, later the Prince of Han), just to name a few.

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Tang Wei’s Empress of the Ming begins filming with Zhu Ya Wen, Sun Xiao Xiao, and Deng Jia Jia

And guys, we have another queen running around for next year! Tang Wei confirmed this drama back in October and today the drama has begun filming with its main cast. Male lead is Zhu Ya Wen (Across the Ocean to See You) and supporting cast includes the lovely ladies Sun Xiao Xiao and Deng Jia Jia. Empress of the Ming is an upcoming novel-to-drama adaptation of Lian Jing Zhu Yi’s novel 六朝纪事. It’s a palace drama and she will be portraying the character from youth well into old age, first as best friend (grew up together) with the future emperor before becoming his wise and capable Empress, and their love runs solely for 50 years. From the description, looks like she’s playing Empress Zhang Xiaogongzhang who was the spouse of Emperor Xuande, fourth fifth emperor of the Ming dynasty.

UPDATES: added more pics.

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Jin Dong and Ma Yi Li’s The First Half of My Life to air

Dang, no place for young kids in this drama! An adult show about middle-aged women and their struggles in society. In The First Half of My Life (我的前半生), Ma Yi Li plays a married housewife in her mid thirties and her life turns upside down when her husband wants a divorce. She doesn’t have any work experience and to top it off, she also has a young kid to support, what will life be like for her? In comes Jin Dong‘s character, a perfect gentleman, a businessman who recently return to Shanghai to manage his business. He’s a busy man with a quality lifestyle and after meeting her, he’s thrown into her messy life. Both of their lives have been peaceful and calm, how will a fateful meeting challenge and reward them in the latter half of their lives?

I waited to publish this post, hoping the press conference (today!) would drop a trailer! But nothing! Na-da! WHAA? It’s airing next week!

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