53rd Golden Horse Awards

Are you ready to see your favorite stars glitter down the red carpet for the 53rd Golden Horse Film Awards in Taipei on November 26th, 2016? Even if you don’t win an award, a spot in light is always nice exposure. 😀

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Ariel Lin frolics in the snow with Rhydian Vaughan in My Egg Man

Being a girl is hard, but being a woman is much harder. We might not feel older in the slightest but the biological clock on our eggs is real. In the upcoming romantic Taiwanese movie, My Egg Boy (我的蛋男情人), starring Ariel Lin and British-Taiwanese actor Rhydian Vaughn, the story follows our heroine as she deals with the issues of fertility and love is no where in sight. Freezing her eggs then becomes a viable option.

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Gritty promos for Mark Zhao’s Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

I posted about the two movie adaptations of Ghost Blows Out the Light back in May, written by Zhang Mu Ye. Now we are in full swing of promotional materials in stills and trailers for one of them, Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, starring Mark Zhao, Yao Chen, Tang Yan, and Jerry Lee. The story follows an expedition group as they embark on horrifying adventures in the deepest and darkest corners of Kunlun Mountains: the Demon’s 9th Tower. It’s nice to finally see stills of Tang Yan because for a while, she seems to be in a lot of movies but with no trace of filming. Lol. The latest news is her replacement of Yang Mi for Bounty Hunter with Wallace Chung and Lee Min Ho. Lucky girl is luckyyyyyyyyy!

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Two movie adaptations for one novel: Ghost Blows Out the Light

Why? A drama version and a movie, okay, I’ll take that with a bitter face. But TWO movie versions of the same novel filmed at the same time? Just you wait, they are gonna announce a drama remake soon! The first adaptation I had talked about is called The Ghouls starring Chen Kun, Shu Qi, and Angelababy. The second one is called Ghost Blows out the Candle: Demon’s 9th Tower/Floor (roughly translated) starring Mark Zhao, Yao Chen as leads, and Tang Yan and Jerry Lee in supporting roles. Yep. You saw that right. TANG YAN. Bloody heck! You guys can’t say I’m crazy now…..she’s definitely a robot.

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Zhao Li Ying becomes a bad-tempered pregnant wife in Crazy New Year’s Eve

The last thing I want to see is my baby girl pregnant. Lol. I guess it’s a new challenge for her to wobble around AND torture her movie husband, played by singer Jam Hsiao. The other main couple is played by singer/actress Amber Kuo and Taiwanese-British actor Rhydian Vaughan. That’s not all, because around 30 stars in the entertainment industry are gonna play cameos! Spot that celebrity game begins!

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Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

Check out Love OST.

小淩: The funniest part was watching Shu Qi’s BTS scared of lightning strike when she said (responding to Director Doze Niu’s caution to be careful of the Lightning God), “I’ve done too many naughty things in my life. (She’s thinking, “I’m gonna get hit.”) Let Ruan Jing Tian film his part first.” 哈哈~ BTS segment of other main actor/actress on Love YouTube.

I’m going at it like a fiery bull sees RED. My Trifecta! Last installation of the triple play (see Monga & The Soul Of Bread), thus in recognition to my Taiwanese roots, herein enjoy the boba tea, m~mmm boba, and make yourself at home in my cineplex. Adieu. 再见。

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