Dilireba, Gong Jun, and Liu Yu Ning begin filming for historical drama The Legend of An Le

The Legend of An Le (安乐传) is adapted from the novel written by Xing Ling. The story follows our heroine, the sole survivor of her family – the Di Clan. Her family was accused of treason and was beheaded, forcing our heroine on the path of vengeance to the very end. She changes her name and dons a mask and slithers her way into the palace, meeting the empathetic Crown Prince, our male lead. She falls for him and struggles between her oath of revenge and her familial duty to her deceased family. While he feels guilty about what happened to her family 10 years ago, he vows to protect her at all costs.

Lol. The cast for The Long Ballad is following each other to their next drama? 😛

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Pei Zi Tian and Li Nuo engage in a fake marriage in She Is The One

She Is The One (全世界都不如你) is an upcoming rom-com featuring Pei Zi Tian and Li Nuo. She substitutes as a bride for her sister and he is the groom with a concealed identity. She has another crush and the two people forced into a marriage find themselves entangled in rounds of jealousy as he slowly falls for her.

Airing 4/19~

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Cdrama Updates: Miss Truth, Chinese Bestiary, Beautiful Time With You, The Love Lasts Two Minds

I’m bored. Lol.

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Cdramas Updates: Legend of Fei, Go Ahead, Young Lady of the General’s House, These Brothers Have Some Problems

Quite a few dramas started filming today! Happy Monday folks!

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Ju Jing Yi sings opening themesong for remake The Legend of White Snake with Yu Meng Long

Still no confirmed air date but with a new music video, perhaps this new remake will get a slot soon? Prettyyyy soon. Legend of the White Snake (新白娘子传奇) is based on the original 1992 version which starred Angie Chiu and Cecilia Yip, while the new version has Yu Meng Long and Ju Jing Yi. Both pretty people. I like the themesong up until the fast modern beats hit me. Lol.

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The Taoism Grandmaster features 29 Rookie Actors from Huace

And you thought you could handle any amount of prettiness?! Take this! 29 rookies from Huace in one drama but you might have seen them scattered throughout dramaland. They must have had a blast filming together. A lot will film, only a few will stand out. Pick your favorites!

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