The Wolf Trailer: Li Qin caught between Darren Wang and Xiao Zhan

While Li Qin got no love in Princess Agents, she’s chased by two men in upcoming period drama, The Wolf (狼殿下). They are Darren Wang Ta Lu and Xiao Zhan. The cast is also made up of some Taiwanese actors entering Mainland market too.

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The Wolf begins filming with Li Qin, Darren Wang, Xiao Zhan

Originally called The Majesty of Wolf, the new costume series is now known as The Wolf (Lang Dian Xia 狼殿下), starring OTP in Li Qin and Darren Wang Da Lu. It is the second installment of the Wang series franchise after Prince of Lan Ling. The booting ceremony was held yesterday’s morning with Li Qin in attendance. She’s a busy drama queen (not the bad kind! XD) this year, series after series. Quite a few Taiwanese actors are partaking in here as well, which makes sense given that Ariel Lin was in the first installment.

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Anhui finally sets date for Godfrey Gao’s Remembering Li Chuan

You know, If I judge based on the stills alone, I would think all the leads do in this drama is cuddle. Lol. I know it has been a torture for four long years waiting for this drama to be picked up and it looks like your immense patience will be paid off this summer. The premiere date has been circulating around for a few weeks to be in July but today, Anhui TV finally reveals the exact date: July 31st!! Yes! You will meet all of Godfrey Gao‘s 6′ 4″ fineness in one month, ya’ll. 😀

Hope I made your day! hee!

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