Revenge Costume drama Kill My Sins confirms leads in Liu Shi Shi and Shawn Dou Xiao

Kill My Sins (掌心) is a female-centric revenge costume drama. Our heroine hails from a physician family, intelligent and talented. But at a young age, her skills in hypnosis (?) was used by those in power to seduce young girls. When the crimes were leaked, court Counselor tried to gather evidence to charge the officials involved, but all evidence disappeared over night and he found himself and his clan falsely accused, leading to the deaths of his entire family. Our heroine’s family was hunted down and exterminated, and she is the lone survivor. Eighteen years later, she comes to Chang’an as a wandering physician under a different name. Our hero is a young magistrate who lusts after power, he’s cold and ruthless. Even though he’s talented, he’s looked down by other officials for not being of noble blood. Their paths cross when one of her patients die and she’s the last person at the crime scene. He’s in charge of the case. Although he senses something is amiss, he’s too eager to pin the blame on our heroine to rise the ranks. But is our heroine truly innocent, or has the wheels of vengeance already started? MUAHHAHHAHAH. Ok, I added in the last part. XD

Booting ceremony is held today! Other cast members I see: Zheng Ye Cheng and Xuan Lu.

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Cdramas to air: Who Rules The World, My Sassy Princess, Lan Yan Tu Ji, See You Tomorrow, Records of Foreign Matters

Aren’t they cute? I started this post last week… and kinda got side-tracked with other stuff. Most of the dramas aired already. Lol. XD

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Cdrama Updates: Wei You An Xiang Lai, The Assassin, Le You Yuan, The Road to Home, Gong Su Jing Ying

Happy Weekends! Wooohoo!

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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities with Li Yi Feng and Chen Yu Qi confirms broadcast date in January

Aha! Here’s the first big ancient drama of the year! Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities or used to be called Mirror Twin Cities (镜双城) has confirmed its broadcast date! It is based on the novel written by Cang Yue (Listening Snow Tower). It’s the first novel in her Mirror series. Persisting war in Central Plains forces optimistic Miao girl named Na Sheng to leave her home and wanting to escape the chaos of the world by going to an otherworldly fairy land, known as Desolate Clouds. During this journey, she meets many interesting characters, including our male lead, Su Mo, who is a blind masterful Puppeteer and carries around 2-foot high puppet he refers to as his brother, A Nuo. But is Desolate Clouds really a peaceful utopia as told from generation to generation? I guess not because what awaits our heroine is turmoil and bloodshed among many races and peoples.

Above is my quickie summary of the novel… and as you know…drama might be different. Viki Summary: In a world populated by powerful gods and warring mortals, two enchanted beings meet in a peace-filled realm: They are Su Mo (Li Yi Feng), a prince of sea gods, and Bai Ying (Chen Yu Qi), a princess and descendant of a mighty sword deity. They are immediately attracted to one another and begin on a romance, unaware that they are effectively crossing enemy lines and sparking animosity between two warring factions. Their actions anger other deities and Su Mo is eventually expelled from the realm. Overcome with grief, Bai Ying attempts to put her existence to an end by jumping from a magnificent pagoda.

However, three tender-hearted female deities intervene to save her from a cruel fate, although she falls into a slumber that lasts for years, leaving her father devastated. She eventually emerges, but under a brand new guise. When Su Mo becomes the sea emperor, he goes in search of his love – but fierce battles are raging in multiple realms, putting the future of both the sea world and the sword folk at terrible risk. Can they save their respective worlds – and can love bring them together once more?

Airing 1/16~

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Love Under the Full Moon with Ju Jing Yi and Zheng Ye Cheng confuses Kappy with head-scratching synopsis

Can I be honest with you guys? I read the synopsis in Chinese and I was like… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Then I went onto qiyi’s website to check out THEIR synopsis, and I saw this: “Lei Chuxia who lives in the modern (Ju Jingyi), because of the “supermoon”, her memory loss and crossed into Xu Xiaodong’ (Zheng Yecheng) phone, then a magical journey begins.”

Love Under the Full Moon (满月之下请相爱) begins airing 8/26~

Good Luck!

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Zheng Ye Cheng and Lin Peng torn by their duties in cop drama Stealth Walker

Stealth Walker (玫瑰行者) is a cop drama with Zheng Ye Cheng and Lin Peng. Our female lead’s parents were killed by drug lords, which prompted her to become a cop as an adult to take down drug organizations. When she goes undercover in a drug group, she meets the mysterious adopted son (male lead) of the current drug lord. She pretends to fall in love with him to obtain some vital information about the organization and at the same time feels torn. He, in turn, is also in turmoil when he figures out her identity.

Airing 8/11 on youku with subs!

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iQiYi releases New Teasers and Trailers of Upcoming Dramas for 2021

15+ dramas (and counting) coming to you from Qiyi. Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

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Yuan Bing Yan and Zheng Ye Cheng begin filming for ancient drama Zhu Qing Hao

Zhu Qing Hao (祝卿好) is adapted from the novel written by Yi Ren Kui Kui and stars Yuan Bing Yan and Zheng Ye Cheng as the main OTP. Our heroine is a beautiful, stunning woman in her youth. Described as similar to the domineering CEO of the modern world, she appears confident but has some underlying psychological issues to deal with growing up in a broken home. Even though her dad doesn’t favor her, she still has the King’s favor. Once her eyes laid on the Embroidered Uniform Guard played by our male lead, she’s a goner. She falls head over heels for him and is determined to marry him. Turning the world upside down, she chases after him wholeheartedly.

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