Drama Updates: Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost, The Journey from Tonight is White, My Huckleberry Friends, Retourner le monde à toi

More trailers and promotional materials left and right. I’m….drama-ful.

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Hu Ge’s Game of Hunting drops new trailer and stills, readies for broadcast

Need more of Hu Ge? Have no fear! He still has one drama left to his list that needs to air! Game of Hunting (猎场) held a press conference yesterday and drops new promos as it prepares for a tentative broadcast in August. The premise follows persistent man Zheng Qiu Dong (Hu Ge) in the finance world as he navigates through pitfalls and failures to rise above and enter the group of elite businessmen, with the help of his girlfriend (Jian Ren Zi) and best friend (Zu Feng). However, after an unfortunate event, Qiu Dong’s business falls apart and he has to start over from the beginning with the help of new alliances.

Like a reunion for all the hot Shu Shu. XD

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Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

Been slacking off on these binging posts! Let us know what and how many dramas are your plate! What’s frustratingly bad, messy mess mess, and the ones that get you right in the heart!

I’m only watching three dramas, one of which you know has been taking over 48 hours of my every day. Lol.

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