Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (36)

A shorter batch because it mainly comprises of promotional videos (so many!!) for this past week only. Have a great Happy 4th of July people! Stay safe and away from walking fire crackers!!

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Adorable Liu Hao Ran and Tan Song Yun in webdrama With You

With You is webdrama adapted from the youth novel The Best of Us (最好的我们) written by Ba Yue Chang An. Interestingly, it started the real life love story between the leads too. Liu Hao Ran (Detective Chinatown) and Seven Tan Song Yun (Taekwondo Girl) were caught on a night date last month. They met through filming this drama and when news broke out of their dating, Nana-HaoRan fans also got their hearts broken. I wasn’t aware of any shipping so my heart was safe. Lol. Anyhoo, I tried reading the novel and only got up to chapter 4 and found out very little about the main characters – too many details. In a nutshell, our leads go to the same high school and are desk mates. Feelings are developed, memories created, and hearts are broken etc. All the ingredients of a youth drama. XD

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The Ark Of Mr. Chow with Zhou Dong Yu drops cute stills and trailers

Sorry for the lack of updates! Working and marathoning Daredevil took a toll. Wowzer. The Ark Of Mr. Chow is another youth-centered movie. But this one is a little different, focusing on the turbulence of puberty and the social awkwardness of gifted kids who are recruited at a tender age to train for a world of mathematics competitions. So geniuses without social skills. heh. Reminds me of The Big Bang Theory! Directed by newbie director, Xiao Yang, who was a graduate of the the same program three decades ago, the film promises to take an honest look into their lives and the embarrassing moments on campus that are heart-warming and equally hilarious.

I don’t know about the movie yet but the press conference is CUTE.

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