Official trailer and stills for Yang Le’s So Young Drama

Why do you look like that girl? The silly buffoon just wants to snuggle. Because the fancam trailer is grainy and ugly, we finally get an official trailer. Lol. Be prepared for the photo bomb session coming right up after the jump. So Young is the drama remake of the same film (based on a novel) directed by Vicki Zhao in 2013. The drama version has a new cast in Yang Le, Sebrina Chen, Ma Ke, and Zhang Dan Feng with plenty of episodes to tell its story, hopefully a more coherent and heartfelt one at that.


OTP. Female lead is given to Sebrina Chen Yao (Wu Xin The Monster Killer). As Zheng Wei, she’ll be following her childhood sweetheart into college only to find out through his roommate that he left for America, leaving her heartbroken and clueless over the reason why. Male lead goes to Yang Le (My Sunshine), the intelligent but antisocial architecture student at the same school. He’s very stern and believes that his life, like a building, can only be built once, so he can’t afford mistakes for its foundation. After graduation, he receives a fellowship to study architecture in America and chooses to secure his future, leaving Zheng Wei behind. Poor Girl. Lost her men to America twice!

 photo SoYou 64.jpg

 photo SoYou 108.jpg

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The third leg, Lin Jing, played by Zhang Dan Feng. Looking spiffy in all stills. The man who left our female lead for America in the beginning. When they meet again years later as mature adults, he wants to rekindle with her…

 photo SoYou 91.jpg

 photo SoYou 110.jpg

 photo SoYou 70.jpg

 photo SoYou 75.jpg

 photo SoYou 78.jpg

Ma Ke as Xu Kai Yang. A well-off kid who pursues Zheng Wei but she doesn’t look his way. His best friend is played by co-star from The Journey of Flower, Dong Chun Hui. They look so cute together. Ha!

 photo SoYou 101.jpg

 photo SoYou 65.jpg

 photo SoYou 66.jpg

Who are we stalking, boys?

 photo SoYou 103.jpg

 photo SoYou 63.jpg

 photo SoYou 74.jpg

 photo SoYou 102.jpg

With Tomboy Xu Yue from The Age of Heroes.

 photo SoYou 109.jpg

The female lead has three room mates. I’m hopeful that they will do the sisterhood right! PLEASE!

Elvira Cai (The Interns) as the Most beautiful and popular girl.

 photo SoYou 62.jpg

 photo SoYou 73.jpg

 photo SoYou 76.jpg

 photo SoYou 107.jpg

 photo SoYou 77.jpg

 photo SoYou 79.jpg


 photo SoYou 71.jpg

Girl with the side braid rounds our the roommate club, practical and materialistic one, CiCi Xia Tian from Princess Jie You.

 photo SoYou 86.jpg

 photo SoYou 88.jpg

 photo SoYou 72.jpg


Directed by Yang Wen Jun (Divorce Lawyers, Movie My Sunshine) and edited by Sun Qi and Yuan Si Da, So Young has 30 episodes.

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