Zhao Li Ying’s Updates: 30th Birthday, Swordsman Game Promo, Cosmo, Ming Lan BTS

Sorry, this post is a bit delayed, a little incidence happened and my presence was needed elsewhere after work. In any case, our girl turns the big 30 today! I’m sure she’s feeling the pressure from friends and families to find the special person and settle down but I do want her to know that she should go at her own pace. Some folks hurry into commitments and not take the time to explore and find happiness within themselves. You gotta love yourself first, before loving and allowing love to come into your life!

Happy Birthday Li Ying! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Zhao Li Ying’s News Updates (6/11/17): Monkey King 3’s Posters, Dior Event, An Yue Xi’s birthday, Li Ying’s Studio’s New Members

She’s a busy bee keeping her working bee even more busy!

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Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin endorse mobile game Swordsman Love

It’s interesting. If we talk strictly about Princess Agents promo, I don’t see any chemistry between the two characters yet (Li Ying and Geng Xin), but offscreen and off character, they are so adorable together, like in this game promo. It doesn’t help that Lin Geng Xin’s character doesn’t show his emotions as visibly compared to Shawn’s character.

Check out the BTS videos for their chemistry. Heh.

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Hu Ge films CF on summer break, on L’Officiel Homme spreads this June

Student Hu Ge is on summer break from his study and has returned to Shanghai briefly to shoot a CF. What’s new? The silver hair he’s sporting! Plus, he’s on L’Officiel Homme cover this June as well. My only beef is….he’s shooting in the summer, why must they put him in a suit for all the shots! Shorts and a tank would suffice! The nerdy glasses can stay. Heee!

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Yang Yang and Zhao Li Ying attend Kang Shifu Jasmine Tea Promo Event

The full CF will be revealed tomorrow! They had a promo event a few hours ago, have uploaded the clips (5 parts) below. 🙂

UPDATE: Added the Short film + more pics! Li Ying won’t be in Episode 2 of 72 Floors of Mystery. Ugh, stop false-promoting! Episode 3 it is, uploaded the teasers with her + Wu Lei’s adorable laughs together. HA!

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Zhao Li Ying’s News Updates (5/4/17): 72 Floors Conference, Princess Agents Promo, Airport Fashion

She isn’t filming dramas and yet still so many updates. CF deals are growing!

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