So Young drama version drops first stills at Press Conference

Last time we talked about the drama version of So Young, we only have three confirmed male actors, and now we have a full cast list! The leading and supporting ladies have been decided and I’m a little less enthused, mostly because of the way they chose to style our heroine. She looks like a bum. Lol.

Included is a low quality fancam trailer that I ripped from the press conference.

Press Conference Pictures:

Our female lead is no other than Sebrina Chen Yao. Yep. She’s the stubborn undead bride in Wu Xin The Monster Killer! She looks tragic here and I mean both in fashion and hairstyle. Moreover, she looks like she weighs 20 pounds at most, very scary to look at. Who did she offend in her stylist team? As Zheng Wei, she’ll be following her childhood sweetheart into college only to find out through his roommate that he left for America, leaving her heartbroken and clueless over the reason why.

 photo SoYou 58.jpg

 photo SoYou 40.jpg

Yang Lei (My Sunshine), our male lead, the intelligent but antisocial architecture student at the same school. He’s very stern and believes that his life, like a building, can only be built once, so he can’t afford mistakes for its foundation. After graduation, he receives a fellowship to study architecture in America and chooses to secure his future, leaving Zheng Wei behind. Poor Girl. Lost her men to America twice!

 photo SoYou 50.jpg


 photo SoYou 46.jpg

 photo SoYou 49.jpg

Zhang Dan Feng (The Journey of Flower) as Lin Jing, the man who left our female lead for America in the beginning. When they meet again years later as mature adults, he wants to rekindle with her…

You look like you could use some sleep, Feng Feng!

 photo SoYou 47.jpg

 photo SoYou 32.jpg

 photo SoYou 57.jpg

Love Triangle.

 photo SoYou 42.jpg

The friends at college from left to right. Female lead has three roommates (not sure about the first girl but she is Wang Ruo Xin). Beside her, we have the tomboy (Xu Yue from The Age of Heroes); the most beautiful and popular girl (actress Elvira Cai from The Interns). The other girl who is cut off in the picture is the practical and materialistic one (CiCi Xia Tian from Princess Jie You). Xu Kai Yang’s buddy is played by Shi Yi Dong Chun Hui (The Journey of Flower).

 photo SoYou 34.jpg

 photo SoYou 52.jpg

 photo SoYou 56.jpg

 photo SoYou 20.jpg

Ma Ke (Reincarnation of the Superstar) plays Xu Kai Yang. A well-off kid who pursues Zheng Wei but she doesn’t look his way. OH NO! Not another blind girl! LOL.

 photo SoYou 51.jpg

 photo SoYou 41.jpg

The cast together, playing games and answering questions.

 photo SoYou 37.jpg

 photo SoYou 24.jpg

 photo SoYou 35.jpg

 photo SoYou 39.jpg

 photo SoYou 37.jpg

 photo SoYou 36.jpg

Yang Lei looks too comfy in someone’s arms. =P

 photo SoYou 45.jpg

 photo SoYou 48.jpg

 photo SoYou 26.jpg

 photo SoYou 27.jpg

Classic rock-paper-scissor game to decide who plays the kissing game!

 photo SoYou 25.jpg

Ma Ke’s skills in fake kissing. Lol.

 photo SoYou 28.jpg

 photo SoYou 31.jpg

Dan Feng showing how it’s done too. hehe. Yang Lei, you lucky duck.

 photo SoYou 43.jpg

 photo SoYou 29.jpg

 photo SoYou 30.jpg

Stills from the drama.

 photo SoYou 18.jpg

 photo SoYou 19.jpg

 photo SoYou 21.jpg

 photo SoYou 22.jpg

 photo SoYou 23.jpg

 photo SoYou 33.jpg

 photo SoYou 38.jpg

Fancam Trailer:

  • Directed by Yang Wen Jun (Divorce Lawyers, Movie My Sunshine) and edited by Sun Qi and Yuan Si Da, So Young has 30 episodes.
  • [email protected]:00!! Sha Jie Jie gets groped….. Is it to test he’s a manly male or a well-endowed female? (I’m still shaking my head at Hua Qian Gu’s denseness.)
  • Like it? Hate it? Fire your thoughts below!

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  1. 7 thoughts on “So Young drama version drops first stills at Press Conference

    I think the trailer doesn’t look half bad! But where is Andy??? I can’t spot him in there!

    Sebrina awfully needs some meat. I like all the male leads!

  2. 7 thoughts on “So Young drama version drops first stills at Press Conference

    she’s the stubborn dead bride in wu xin??!! how come she looks so anorexic here?? and i thought tang yan was the skinniest one of all. sebrina looks like a walking skeleton, so frightening.

    still can’t believe zhang dan feng is sidelined again….playing a nobody. no wonder why hes not in the trailer!! he’s in america 80% of the storyline!

  3. 7 thoughts on “So Young drama version drops first stills at Press Conference

    omo.. at first i wanted to comment about the boys but… couldnt help! this girl seriously… she looks so anorexic like what frea said… i hope she’s the kind of eating a lot but doesnt gain weight, like me.. hehe.. not bcuz of dieting… sigh.

    waiting for the engsub.. until now the disguiser hasnt got subbed yet 🙁
    i wonder if this one will… hope so..

    • 7 thoughts on “So Young drama version drops first stills at Press Conference

      The Disguiser has subs up to episode 20 (unedited) Yui. 🙂

  4. 7 thoughts on “So Young drama version drops first stills at Press Conference

    Ma ke looks giant next to the girl who are so small. I thought Zhao Li Ying is small but this girl is very tiny.
    Where is Zhang Dan Feng in the trailer? Yang Le looks goood too.

  5. 7 thoughts on “So Young drama version drops first stills at Press Conference

    Sebrina didn’t look this skinny in Wu Xin but I reckon it’s because she had the long wig and the several layers of clothing to cover it up. Girl needs some meat!

  6. 7 thoughts on “So Young drama version drops first stills at Press Conference

    Lol at everyone looking for Dan Feng in the trailer. I guess his role is pretty limited in the beginning and middle of the story and they might not have shot that many scenes yet.

    Definitely agreed with chasingpolaris about the clothing style in Wu Xin covering up her thin arms and legs. Cutting her hair and giving her shorts really enhance her bony body.

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