Drama version of So Young confirms Yang Le, Zhang Dan Feng, and Ma Ke

At this point, I won’t complain anymore because it’s useless. Expect to see a drama and movie version of every single project out there. Yep. Our Vicki Zhao Wei adapted the movie version with Han Geng, Mark Zhao, and Yang Zi Shan in 2013, based on the novel, To Our Youth that is Fading Away, written by Xin Yi Wu, released in 2007. To be honest, I did watch the movie version and it was shot beautifully… but that was it. It didn’t leave an impressionable memory on me. I also didn’t read the novel so the details might have been lost in the adaptation. *shrugs* What did you guys make of the movie? Story?

Can’t say I’m excited about the casting because Zhang Dan Feng deserves a lead role already!!

Pictures from the Movie:

Mark Zhao’s role, Chen Xiao Zheng, will be given to Yang Le. He’s the anti-social architecture student, our male lead.

 photo SoYou 14.jpg

 photo SoYou 13.jpg

Han Geng as Lin Jing, and he’ll be played by Zhang Dan Feng. The boyfriend who goes abroad to study without a farewell.

 photo SoYou 11.jpg

 photo SoYou 12.jpg

Look at Ryan! He portrayed Xu Kai Yang, and the role will be given to Ma Ke.

 photo SoYou 10.jpg

Shi Yi or should I get used to saying his real name? Dong Chun Hui will play Ah Zhang, the guy next to Ryan.

 photo SoYou 15.jpg

 photo SoYou 17.jpg

And to make this post relevant, I’m just gonna post pretty pictures. =]

Ma Ke getting ready for a photoshoot. He has a lot lately.

 photo SoYou 9.jpg

 photo SoYou 4.jpg

 photo SoYou 3.jpg

 photo SoYou 2.jpg photo SoYou 1.jpg

I hope that one rose is for me, Dong Fang!!

 photo SoYou 6.jpg

 photo SoYou 5.jpg

 photo SoYou 7.jpg

Don’t be surprised if you see this batch of photos in the banners! The one below will say, “Just for you, Kappy!”  =D

 photo SoYou 8.jpg

The group of female characters, including the heroine, hasn’t been confirmed yet. There’s a beauty queen, a tomboy, and a neat freak, beside the female lead. Who do you wish to partake?

Directed by Yang Wen Jun (Divorce Lawyers, Movie My Sunshine) and edited by Sun Qi and Yuan Si Da, So Young enters filming in a few weeks.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Drama version of So Young confirms Yang Le, Zhang Dan Feng, and Ma Ke

    Gee, Kaptain, I wonder if the movie title So Young was strategically put on Andy’s picture LOL. Agree, he deserves a lead role!

    Haven’t seen the movie version, but didn’t Vicky receive a Golden Eagle award for New Director or something for it?

    • 3 thoughts on “Drama version of So Young confirms Yang Le, Zhang Dan Feng, and Ma Ke

      I don’t know! He’s the oldest one of the three! XD

      Vicki did win and it’s a very pretty movie to look at. But to feel and to remember the impact is a whole different story. I don’t think I did. She’s also planning a new directorial project too. Let’s see what happens next!

  2. 3 thoughts on “Drama version of So Young confirms Yang Le, Zhang Dan Feng, and Ma Ke

    OMG, I’m so tired of this movie/drama adaption. If a drama or movie came out and it was successful, a movie or drama version will come after. Sigh……

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