Vicki Zhao’s directorial debut – “So Young.”

Aw. Our little Swallow. My mom still refers to her by this name.

Not sure why So Young is the official title stamped on promotional materials when Our Eventually Lost Youth sounds much more poignant and nostalgic. From what I gather, the story follows a girl’s dreams, from her early college days and well into her life after graduation, with her growth outlined and highlighted. That said woman is played Yang Zi Shuan, and her two love interests are Han Geng and Mark Zhao. Check below for new stills and a surprisingly artistic trailer.

The ladies.

SY1 (12)

SY1 (11)

Tong Li Ya looks tired.

SY1 (10)

SY1 (9)

The men.

It feels like Mark is always playing a student. heh.

SY1 (6)

SY1 (5)

SY1 (7)

SY1 (8)

SY1 (1)

SY1 (2)

SY1 (3)

Their college days are set in the mid-1990s, hence the fashion. 😛

SY1 (4)

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  • Some say it reminds them of You’re the Apple of My Eye but I think the tone sets in the trailer is distinctive enough. Less hopeful. More dramatic.
  • I think her directing is pretty good, the props are well-used, and the angles are artsy.
  • Haven’t seen Han Geng since forever!
  1. 3 thoughts on “Vicki Zhao’s directorial debut – “So Young.”

    love the tone. very much darker than apple of my eye.

    she’s no longer little swallow. Big swallow with a daughter already. 🙂

  2. 3 thoughts on “Vicki Zhao’s directorial debut – “So Young.”

    I know what you mean Kappy Jie~ Just the other day some channel was having a rerun of Huan Zhu Ge Ge, and my mum hollered for everyone to get their bums in the room *wipes tear from eye* so nostalgic~

    Hmm.. I like the movie, but I want to watch it *with* someone, because otherwise it might be too much angst for me.. and also: that trailer did nothing for my understanding of the plot.. it just seemed highly pretty.. And agreed, “Our Eventually Lost Youth” sounds much more poignant than “So Young”, but for some reason nowadays, movies and shows always change their names to something not as good as their working title. For example, “I may not be able to love you” sounds much more cooler than “In Time With You”, in my opinion (as a matter of fact, as much as I adore that show, what the hell does that even mean exactly (Oh I know what it means but you know, if you were encountering the title for the first time…)). Anyway, rant over, and can’t wait to see this (and Ripples of Desire, which doesn’t seem to be making its way here any time soon TT_TT)… Oh and Lan Ling Wang!!~

  3. 3 thoughts on “Vicki Zhao’s directorial debut – “So Young.”

    Frea, yesh, Big Swallow is doing big things nowadays. Directing and being a mother to a cute little girl! 🙂

    Nuttie, I think our Dvds of HZGG1+2 are gonna die soon. My mom watches it every year and cry in the same exact scenes. ITWY has a name change? Now that I don’t know. I guess the second title sounds more hopeful than the first, although less direct.

    Too many Cdramas to anticipate!!

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