Zhao Li Ying wraps up filming for Princess Agents with an award

After five grueling months of filming, ancient drama Princess Agents with Zhao Li Ying, Shawn Dou, and Lin Geng Xin have wrapped up, with her being the last of the leads on set today. She was in the middle of filming before leaving to attend the 3rd Wenrong Awards Ceremony in her character wardrobe and then heading back to set to finish up. This awards is not big and still new on the scene but it’s nice her other characters get a spot in the limelight other than Qian Gu. I know right?! It came on the right day for our little girl too! =D

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Tang Yan crowned the Golden Eagle Goddess of 2016

Held every two year, the title of Golden Eagle Goddess of 2016 goes to hard-working Tang Yan. Interesting result, I thought it would go to Yang Zi or Zheng Shuang to be honest but I guess they’re still young, their time will come. The chosen actress gets to perform the opening act at the China TV Golden Eagle Award night on the 16th.

UPDATE: Added Opening Act And More Pictures!

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Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

Another gathering, this one slightly bigger because everyone has weibo! There are some Korean stars thrown in the mix as well, among them my favorites from Running Man! Did you guys vote? I did. Lol. Zhao Li Ying and Kris Wu are both Weibo Queen and King respectively. Nick was the top dog and lost to Kris in the last few days!

I don’t think I have all awards figured out yet. Too many.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (25)

Last batch of 2015. Thanks for tuning in to the previous ones. 🙂 I CANNOT BELIEVE 2015 IS A FEW DAYS TO ITS END!!??!

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Kisses and PDA at Taiwan’s 50th Golden Bell Awards

Can’t let Mainland celebrities steal all the limelight, so Taiwanese artists also deck out their gowns and jewelries for a dazzling walk down the red carpet for their annual television production award.

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2014 Anhui TV Drama Awards

Lol. Just another shallow excuse to post pretty pictures. You aren’t tired of them right? I like this one since most of my favorite celebrities were there. hehe ^.^ The full show is not out yet so I can only drool over the pictures. Apparently, all of my favorites perform/dance to something that night. EEEEEE!!! =D

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49th Golden Bell Awards Results (2014)

Now I remember why I don’t do award shows post as often as I would like. It takes forever to compile images! Beside celebrating the accomplishments of Taiwanese dramas this year, the highlight is the sea of pretty people showing up in expensive gowns and jewelries. BUT! A lot of gray and metallic shades today…

What’s going on peeps? We no like colors anymore?

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