New Posters for Lost You Forever with Yang Zi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci as it wrapped up filming

Hello guys! Long time no see! Hopefully, after all the excitement ends in October, I’ll be able to get back to blogging more. Thanks for your understanding! <3

Lost You Forever (Eternally Yearning For You, 长相思) is a novel written by the well-loved Tong Hua, and is the sequel to Once Promised (drama version is called A Life Time Love with Huang Xiao Ming and Song Qian in 2017).

It is a world of gods, demons, and mythical beings and they all live alongside humans, divided into three different kingdoms. I want to preface this by saying that most of the characters have multiple identities (very confusing to me as I only wanted spoilers!). Our heroine, Xiao Yao (Yang Zi), is a small-town doctor and spends the majority of the first part (multiple volumes) of the novel as a man. She has no memories of her past in the beginning of the novel. In her life, three important men will sweep in and only one shall remain by her side. The first man that we meet in according to the novel is Tu Shan Jing (Deng Wei). He’s beaten to a pulp and in no condition to survive, left to die on the streets. But our heroine picks him up and heals him. And in return, he promises to be her servant, to listen to only her. He’s actually the 2nd young master of a powerful family. The second man we meet shortly after is part of the past that she doesn’t remember. He’s Zhuan Xu (Zhang Wan Yi), a long-lost cousin she spent time with during her childhood. His side of the story isn’t told until the third volume, which makes for an interesting WAH moment (hidden for so long?!). Lol. The third male lead is a general with white hair; he is Xiang Liu (Tan Jian Ci), a nine-headed demon and wildly considered as her soulmate.

Koala has translated the novel, read chapter one here. Please go to her index to find the rest of the chapters.

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The Sleepless Princess with Zheng Ye Cheng and Hu Yi Xuan gears up for broadcast

Zheng Ye Cheng is back in dramaland! This only wrapped up filming in June so this is fast for a period drama. Not much details about the plot but The Sleepless Princess (离人心上) follows our unfavorable princess (Hu Yi Xuan) who suffers from insomnia and her hilarious romance with a cold general who’s investigating the mystery around his brother’s death.

To air on 7/29!

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Huang Can Can’s Summer’s Desire Continues to be Utterly Sweet

I give up. Hands up in the air for this remake of the highly angsty and twisted romance in the novel Summer’s Desire (泡沫之夏) written by Ming Xiao Xi. Barbie Hsu, Peter Ho, and Huang Xiao Ming starred in the drama adaptation back in 2010. Initially, I was pretty cautious of the movie remake because I never completed the drama version and wasn’t really fond of any of the characters (even if I did ship HARD). But the movie has completely disarmed me of my shiny armor by revealing yet another adorable music video, so positively filled with bubbles, gentleness, and some sweet loving between the three legs of our love triangle, played by new face Huang Can Can (as Yin Xia Mo), Hong Kong actor Him Law (as Ou Chen), and Chinese actor Jerry Yan Yu Hao (as Luo Xi).

My heart is yours, show. Take it!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (36)

A shorter batch because it mainly comprises of promotional videos (so many!!) for this past week only. Have a great Happy 4th of July people! Stay safe and away from walking fire crackers!!

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Peculiar light-hearted trailer for Summer’s Desire Movie

I swear someone is trying their Jedi Mind Tricks on me. How could a dark and messed-up storyline like Summer’s Desire (泡沫之夏) be so light and fluffy and cute in the movie adaptation? Our OTP looks so happy and carefree that I found myself falling for their sweet smiles. This is wrong! Lol.

Check it out for yourself.

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Revealed Cast for Gigi Leung’s Summer’s Desire Movie

This is an odd turn-out. On the one hand, the new actress previously confirmed to play Yin Xia Mo in the movie adaptation of Ming Xiao Xi‘s novel, Summer’s Desire, is officially out and another new face is in. On the other other hand, the rumored boys to join are now confirmed in their respective roles. Unexpected. Well, let’s meet the full cast on their beautiful filming locations! Acting-wise, I’m very worried. They look so bubbly!

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