Upcoming Cdramas reveal new promotions at 2024 iQIYI World Conference

I haven’t done this in a while and I quickly remember why not. LOL.

FYI, I only included dramas that are generous in releasing a trailer! A few posters? Nah. xD

Which dramas have your interest?

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=======> ♦ Fox Spirit Matchmaker franchise consist of three parts:

#1 Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact (涂山小红娘月红篇) with Yang Mi and Gong Jun
#2 Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Love in Pavilion (狐妖小红娘竹业篇) with Liu Shi Shi and Zhang Yun Long
#3 Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Sword and Beloved (涂山小红娘王权篇) with Cheng Yi and Li Yi Tong.

Combined Trailer for 3 parts:

=======> ♦ Reborn for Love (四海重明) with Jing Tian and Zhang Lin He.

=======> ♦ Guo Bao Yao Shi (国宝耀世) with Bai Yu Fan, Wang He Run, and Fu Da Long.

=======> ♦ Beneath the Undertow (暗潮缉凶) with Chen Jian Bin, Chen Ruo Xuan, and Guan Yun Peng.

=======> ♦ A Lonely Hero’s Journey (孤舟) with Zeng Shun Xi, Zhang Song Wen, and Chen Du Ling.

=======> ♦ Love of the Divine Tree (仙台有树) with Deng Wei and Xiang Han Zhi. A BTS video.

=======> ♦ Go East (四方馆) with Tan Jian Ci and Zhou Yi Ran.

=======> ♦ Fangs of Fortune (大梦归离) with Hou Ming Hao, Chen Du Ling, Tian Jia Rui, and Cheng Xiao.

=======> ♦ Lost in the Shadows (看不见影子的少年) with Zhang Song Wen and Rong Zi Shan.

=======> ♦ Let Wind Go By (风中的火焰) with Wang Jing Chun, Jiang Qi Ming, and Yang Cai Yu.

=======> ♦ Born to Be The One (凡人歌) with Yin Tao, Wang Xiao, and Zhang Ruo Nan.

=======> ♦ Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty Season 2 (唐朝诡事录之西行) with Yang Xu Wen, Yang Zhi Gang, and Gao Si Wen.

=======> ♦ Homeland Guardian (守诚者) with Jordan Chan, Aarif Rahman, Han Xue, and Simon Yam.

=======> ♦ Stealing Time (黄雀) with Guo Jing Fei and Qin Lan.

=======> ♦ The Legend of Rosy Clouds (云起时) with Li Yi Tong, Zeng Shun Xi, and Deng Wei.

=======> ♦ Unnatural Fire (燃罪) with Zhang Yun Long, Cai Wen Jing, and Dai Xu.

=======> ♦ Follow Your Heart (颜心记) with Luo Yun Xi, Song Yi, and Chen Yao.

=======> ♦ Breaking The Shadows (乌云之上) with Sun Li and Luo Jin.

=======> ♦ Justifiable Defense (正当防卫) with Gao Ye, Zhang Lu Yi, and Bai Jing Ting.

=======> ♦ The White Olive Tree (白色橄榄树) with Chen Zhe Yuan and Liang Jie.

=======> ♦ The Limbo (二十一天) with Wang Zhi Wen, Zhang Xue Ying, and Ou Hao.

=======> ♦ A Moment But Forever (念无双) with Tang Yan and Liu Xue Yi.

=======> ♦ Love Song in Winter (冬至) with Huang Jing Yu and Sun Qian.

=======> ♦ Northward (北上) with Bai Lu, Ou Hao, Zhai Zi Lu, and Gao Zhi Ting.

=======> ♦ Win or Die (夜不收) with Boran Jing, Wu Xing Jian, and Zhang Yi Fan.

=======> ♦ Wind Direction (迎风) with Sun Qian, Zhai Zi Lu, Liu Lin, and Tian Yu.

=======> ♦ Snowy Night: Timeless Love (七夜雪) with Li Qin and Zeng Shun Xi.

  1. 2 thoughts on “Upcoming Cdramas reveal new promotions at 2024 iQIYI World Conference

    I’m looking forward to Fangs of Fortune, whoever is doing the costuming has had a blast.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Upcoming Cdramas reveal new promotions at 2024 iQIYI World Conference

    Snowy Night: Timeless Love visuals are amazing but it better have an actual plot lol

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