Chen Qiao En becomes emotional when Kimi’s name is mentioned

They say that time heals all wounds and I really wished this drama didn’t air so soon. If it is hard for us to talk about Kimi Qiao, imagine how difficult it is for Chen Qiao En, one of the few actresses that Kimi showed again and again how much he adored and loved her. Modern drama, Stay With Me, held its press conference today and it is a time of acceptance and civility. Everyone tried to keep the mood swinging but we can tell it’s no easy task. Joe took it to weibo later to express the thoughts that she couldn’t finish. A rough translation at the end of the post.

Exactly one week before I return to work. Kimi, you and I, must we be linked this way?

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Press Conference 12/7:

Our two leads, Nick Wang and Chen Qiao En.

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Joe dabs at her eyes after she’s asked about Kimi.

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  • Tidbits during the press conference: 1) A lot of wedding dresses were burnt in the drama, they were REAL wedding dresses. 2) Joe complimented Nick as being very “man”, cold outside but warm inside. He’s very careful at first meeting, but treats every crew member with care. 3) Nick said his friendship with Joe was built on the basis of sharing good food. 🙂 4) Nick thinks the best kind of love is when two individuals are on par with each other. 5) Joe said she is very similar to her character Li Wei Wei.
  • When a reporter asked if Joe would watch a series with Kimi in it? She replied, “I will watch. After all, it is hard work from my heart, will miss Kimi very much.”
  • On Weibo, she wrote a long letter, “[I] can understand the reporters, Kimi is one of the main characters, one cannot intentionally decrease his significance. But through the press conference, one could see the concern from outside the circle The organizers and production crew had considered many times, they only hoped to maintain a comfortable/calm atmosphere. Everyone has their own position, and I know that every stance stemmed from a place of goodness/kindness. No one intentionally caused trouble or hurt. Everyone worked hard. I want to thank everyone from the media side for their concern and understanding.”
  • “Honestly, today I wanted to say I really miss him, and very thankful for all the hard work he had put in this series, and that his efforts won’t be erased! I have thought about it; one day I’ll be able to confront it head-on. I have said to myself that I would answer all the questions perfectly; and have to remember to thank Kimi, but every time the words reach my lips, they begin to sink back down, back down, the words become choppy and eventually stop [coming out].” She blames herself for not being able to express her appreciation for all that Kimi had done for her and for the drama. “I have no control… I’m sorry.”
  • “We tried hard to perfect today’s promotional event. A huge thanks to Kai Kai, for he had interviews one after another, from early 8AM to late 9PM. We did all this to represent each and every actor who had worked hard on set, for all the friends who are interested in the drama, we hoped you can see our sincerity.”
  • “I want to say to Kimi’s fans: thank-you to you all, we have never forgotten him. We thank him for his performance and all his hard work. We also want to protect those that we love and care about.”

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  1. 8 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes emotional when Kimi’s name is mentioned

    awww kappy, im glad therapy is doing well! can’t believe it’s been 3 months…. time flew by.

    im not even sure whether airing this show right now is a good or bad strategy…. from all the things he did for qiao en i really do believe he loved her more than a friend so it’s devastating to lose him. T___T

    i won’t be watching this series but i hope it will do well. for everyone’s sake.

    • 8 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes emotional when Kimi’s name is mentioned

      I have a great team of support! =)

  2. 8 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes emotional when Kimi’s name is mentioned

    Sigh i was just wondering the other day how hard it would be for their press conference. The pain in Joe Qiao En’s eyes is still very raw. I hope people give her the space and time that she needs. Some of the pics, it looks like she has to plaster a brave face. Her weibo post was very good and very thorough- hope that appease everyone and know that Kimi is special to Qiao En and Qiao En is special to Kimi. Hoping the series will do well too. RIP Kimi and may Qiao En also find peace too aft a rough turbulent 2016 for her.

    • 8 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes emotional when Kimi’s name is mentioned

      Agreed. May everyone find peace within themselves to move on.

  3. 8 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes emotional when Kimi’s name is mentioned

    It is going to air at Hunan Tv starting 11 Dec, I guess I wont be watching it (not such a fan of all the leads) but hope the series will do well. it is so sad that it is airing 3 months after Kimi’s suicide. maybe they should have shelved it until next year . sigh.

    Joe Chen never age – so lucky!
    Wang Kai with glasses looks quite different than usual 🙂 but I prefer his look without glasses

    I am actually watching the Tv series that airs right now – before Stay with me (the title is fall in love starring Yuan Hong, etc). anybody else watch fall in love as well? 🙂

    • 8 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes emotional when Kimi’s name is mentioned

      I rarely tune in to modern dramas, the one you mentioned also has Ming Dao right? No, I haven’t watched it. :]

  4. 8 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En becomes emotional when Kimi’s name is mentioned

    She looks as gorgeous as ever but that hair and outfit aren’t doing her any favors…..

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