Movie Review: Foolish Plan (Cmovie, 2016)

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Though this came out a year ago, since I found it again on YouTube, I had to share a review of one of my favorite Chinese comedies, Foolish Plan 《呆呆计划》, starring Jiro Wang (“Rakshasa Street”), Jordan Chan (Ip Man: The Final Fight), Lawrence Ng (Keeper of Darkness) and Lee Beom-Soo (Unforgettable). It’s a comedy heist movie along the lines of Ocean’s Eleven and delivers a really enjoyable story that I have watched more than once.

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Jiro Wang and Jia Qing explore Death of the Book of the Western Xia Dynasty

This is a mouthful. Xi Xia Book of Dead or Death of the Book of the Western Xia Dynasty (西夏死书) is an upcoming modern drama exploring an ancient city. Jiro Wang plays our hero, an outstanding college student in the archeology department, who participates in a contest held by his teacher only to be pulled into a series of events relating to the monument treasure of Western Xia. To save his life and also find a missing archeologist, he and a group of potentials embark on a journey into the ancient tombs, but he eventually discovers that his companions might harbor ulterior motives. Jia Qing plays the proud and stubborn grand-daughter of his teacher.

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Series Review: Rakshasa Street (Cdrama, 2017)

Rakshasa Street” 《镇魂街》 is based on a manhua series by Xu Chen and produced by the same team who also did the short anime version of this same title, but the live action version of the story is a slightly different take, so if you’ve read the manga or watched the anime series, you can still expect something different from the show. I’ve watched the series without English captions on Youku, but now that it’s been licensed on, I wanted to do a review as this has been one of my favorite dramas this year.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (58)

News throughout the week! =D

And nooooooo Princess Agents 2 is all a rumor as of this point.

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Second Trailer and confirmed air date for Rakshasa Street Drama

Manhua series Rakshasa Street (超级网剧镇魂街) written and illustrated by Xu Chen gets a drama adaptation starring Jiro Wang (Looking for Aurora) and An Yue Xi (Tornado Girl 2). Release date has been announced to be August 2nd with 24 episodes. If you’ve been reading news about this project, you know I (and a few others) have watched the anime! The effects aren’t shabby at all. While Jiro is not my “older” brother material, I’m gonna be hopeful! Please develop the female character because her story doesn’t get anywhere. Lol.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (57)

Old and new news in this post. – Ghost Kappy 👻 (meaning still away from home on tour and this is prescheduled) heh.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (56)

I thought this post will never see the light of day. Every time I thought I was done, I turned around and they held a conference, released new pictures and bts videos. Good stuff, but too many news to sort through!

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Rakshasa Street Drama drops First Trailer with Jiro Wang and An Yue Xi

You are either gonna have productions that release stills every 3 days or ones that don’t release a sniff of anything! This webdrama is unfortunately the latter. Drama adaptation of manhua Rakshasa Street stars Jiro Wang (Looking for Aurora) and An Yue Xi (Tornado Girl 2) in a supernatural modern world where there’s hell and heaven, and the in-between dimension.

Beside two new posters + first trailer, we have nothing else. Lol.

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