New Promos: The Legend of Dugu, Oh My General, Let’s Shake It ET, See You Again

A mini-batch posts to catch up with other dramaland projects. The world keeps on spinning while you guys follow your crack drama. Lol.

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Behind-the-scenes for Hu Bing Qing’s The Legend of Dugu, Ying Er’s Legend of the Ancient Sword 2

New promos!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (46)

News here and news there! Unstoppable industry!

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First peek at Hu Bing Qing and Zhang Dan Feng’s The Legend of Dugu

A palace drama for fans of royal cat fights. Lol. Official English title has been changed to The Legend of Dugu (独孤天下) in keeping with boring title-dom. We see our romantic couple in action and they don’t look that bad together. Hu Bing Qing is only 24 and Zhang Dan Feng is a man at 35 with a wonderful family in real life. It makes sense in this time period for the girl to be extra young and Miss Hu fits the bill. Little girl better be careful, this man has his moves proven effective. Keke =P

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The World of Dogu begins filming with Zhang Dan Feng, Hu Bing Qing, and Ady An

AHHHHHHHH!! I’m so frustrated with how the cast switched in and out within 10 days. I thought Polaris was punking my butt here at work in the cbox. Now that I saw the rumored OTP in Tian Ai and Yan Kuan, how could I unsee the angsty perfection they could have made onscreen?

*silently sulk*

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Zhang Tian Ai and Yan Kuan up for The World of Dogu

Oh My Lord. Isn’t that this year’s hottest pairing or what?! Weibo is buzzing with news about their possible collaboration for the upcoming period piece The World of Dogu (独孤天下), following the story of Dugu Qieluo, known as Empress Wenxian (文獻皇后) of the Chinese Sui dynasty, wife to Emperor Wen. I read their story on Wiki and was immediately impressed since Emperor Wen was one of the few Emperors with the least number of concubines or at all (at least while his wife was still alive.) They married young, she was 13 and he was 16, and he swore an oath to not have any other woman bear him children (ah, so romantic!)

Both of them have such amazing, intense eyes, that I can’t wait to be drilled by them. LOL.

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