Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 12

So many dramas I want to watch but no time! How to find the door to the 4th dimension. Or the clone machine.

If you’re curious, this drama airs every single day of the week, 2 episodes per day, one episode on Sunday. The ratings kicked off really well, both stations over 1! If it keeps increasing, this might be the next big drama in cdramaland.

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Air dates confirmed: Sun Li’s Nothing Gold Can Stay, Zhang Yi Jie’s King Is Not Easy

Sorry for the site downtime guys, I’m gonna expect more sudden downtime until I can get this sorted out. On the one hand, I don’t feel like AVV has grown, but on the other hand, resource is being eaten like hotcakes. Building a community is hard, building an active community is even harder.

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New actors Hou Ming Hao and Bai Lu lead The Monkey King 3: Kingdom of Women Drama Version

Born in 1994, new actress Bai Lu is the latest addition to Yu Zheng Studio. She’s in both Zhao Ge and Untouchable Lovers and the recent webdrama Da Wang Bu Rong Yi, and now she’s given the lead monarch role in the supposedly drama version of Zhao Li Ying’s movie, The Monkey King 3: Kingdom of Women. Playing the role of our righteous and kind monk (in his youth) Tang Sanzang is Hou Ming Hao (The Devotion of Suspect X). I remember him from 72 Floors of Mystery, the poor kid got betrayed by Kris and Li Ying. But…Errr, he is only 18… and if the whole drama is about him in Kingdom of Women, wouldn’t he have kids…and grand kids too at that point?! Forget about the scripture then… LOL.

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Jin Dong and Ma Yi Li’s The First Half of My Life to air

Dang, no place for young kids in this drama! An adult show about middle-aged women and their struggles in society. In The First Half of My Life (我的前半生), Ma Yi Li plays a married housewife in her mid thirties and her life turns upside down when her husband wants a divorce. She doesn’t have any work experience and to top it off, she also has a young kid to support, what will life be like for her? In comes Jin Dong‘s character, a perfect gentleman, a businessman who recently return to Shanghai to manage his business. He’s a busy man with a quality lifestyle and after meeting her, he’s thrown into her messy life. Both of their lives have been peaceful and calm, how will a fateful meeting challenge and reward them in the latter half of their lives?

I waited to publish this post, hoping the press conference (today!) would drop a trailer! But nothing! Na-da! WHAA? It’s airing next week!

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Sun Li and Chen Xiao’s Nothing Gold Can Stay releases long-shot trailer

It is an interesting trailer, one long-shot of Sun Li wandering through the night and visiting memories of the past. The chemistry thermometer is not what I want it to be! Peter Ho while plays the second male lead has more chemistry with Sun Li than her male lead, Chen Xiao. Chen Xiao looks like a younger brother around her. Lol.

UPDATE: Forgot to add that the actors will be using their real voices. No dubbing!

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Qin Lan, Charmaine Sheh, and Wu Jin Yan for Yu Zheng’s Qing drama, Yan Xi’s Conquest

Lol. I’m dying at the implication of this whole Qing drama. With Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo‘s palace drama, Ru Yi, set to draw in viewers, Yu Zheng can’t sit still and let the opportunity pass by his head. He’s producing his own Qing drama, tentatively called Yan Xi’s Conquest (延禧攻略) and inviting some big stars (Qin Lan, Charmaine Sheh, and Nie Yuan) to lay foundation while having his own actress Wu Jin Yan (Zhao Ge) in the leading role. If you have watched Princess Pearls (Huan Zhu Ge Ge), you would recognize the three female characters. HA!

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Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 9 – 16

Here we go again! Thanks for everyone for ranting and raving, helping out and responding to questions and the likes. New posts are still being posted, under this discussion. Don’t let Princess Agents take over your life and neglect other projects. Lol.

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Behind-the-scenes for Hu Bing Qing’s The Legend of Dugu, Ying Er’s Legend of the Ancient Sword 2

New promos!

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