Vlinkage reveals 16 Cdramas with over 10 Billions Online Views

Can see why they’re so happy. Each has 3 dramas on the list. Chusen with them together tops the list. Lol. Ratings is such a weird concept. We might find a drama so frustrating and rage-inducing, and yet we still tune in, contributing to the enormous view count. WHYYYYYYY?

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Cdrama: Princess Lan Ling, Princess Wei Young OST

Since both dramas have the word Princess in it, let me go ahead and merge them together. Took some time but the songs are now compiled neatly! This is my pathetic attempt at spazzing about this week’s episodes. 😀

NOPE! Happy Birthday to Luo Jin! It’s his birthday but he’s marrying a witch! LOL.

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Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

Please welcome… maknae!! She’s here to help me out with recapping this intensely long drama!! Together we can dominate the world finish Princess Wei Young (hopefully). She’ll be joining me for future episodes (maybe). Shoutout to Kappy for everything you do and all your help!! We appreciate you so much, it is indescribable<3

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Princess Wei Young Episode 3 Recap

Everyone make way! Wei Yang is in the house folks, and she’s going to pave a way for herself in this household where two-facing is prominent. No one’s going to step on her, no sir-ee!

As always, muchas gracias to dear Shifu for the great screencaps~~

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