Taiwanese BL drama We Best Love: No. 1 For You with Sam Lin and Yu

Taiwanese drama We Best Love: No. 1 For You (永遠的第一名) is written by Lin Pei Yu (Obsessed, Crossing The Line, Right Or Wrong) and stars Sam Lin and Yu in the two leading male roles. Yu plays a top student of his class and is used to the fact that he’s number one until one day another name tops his name! Yes, the other class topper is played by Sam Lin. Yu’s character is pleased when they graduated from high school, so sure he wouldn’t see his enemy again. Lo and behold, the over achiever boy follows him into the same college. The torch of love burns deep for this one ~

Began airing 1/8, every Friday on WeTV for a total of 6 episodes. Second season to follow in March.

This year is all about BL isn’t it? But if any country is gonna get it right, it’s Taiwan.

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The Perfect Match: Series Summary (Tdrama, 2017)

Hello Everyone! Long time no see~~ I am back after being in hiding for a few months haha. I hope everyone hasn’t forgotten me already… 😀

Anyways, I decided to hit up Taiwanese drama: The Perfect Match, and do a series summary >.< This drama took extremely long to air, and finally finished airing on July 28th. The series was originally intended to have only 16, but for some reason was extended to 22.

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First Impressions: When a Woman Chases A Man (Tdrama, 2017)

Although Taiwanese dramas are what got me hooked on Asian dramas in the first place, since I’ve started watching the Chinese costume dramas, it’s been awhile since I’ve watched any. Then I saw the trailer for this series starring Tia Li who has been a supporting actor in two of my fave T-dramas, “Miss Rose” and “Marry Me Or Not”, alongside my favorite second male lead from “Fabulous Boys”, Hwang In Deok, and decided to add a modern drama to my current rotation of shows.

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Andy Chen and Wei Man concoct drama tropes in Memory Love

Memory Love (噗通噗通我愛你) is an upcoming Taiwanese drama starring Andy Chen Yi, Mandy Wei Man, Jolin Chien, and Kris Shen. At first glance, it looks like a fluffy romcom drama but noooooo, was so wrong. Our heroine has a good life and good boyfriend but all of that is ripped away from hers when her boyfriend dies in a car accident and she has amnesia, leading to an identity switch with her friend (Mandy Tao)! Her boyfriend’s heart is donated…to our male lead (Andy), of course. All the usual tropes thrown all in one pot!

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Fluffy romance in Attention Love with Joanne Tseng and Wang Zi

How’s Taiwanese dramaland doing these days? Any good ones? The upcoming modern youth drama, Attention Love (稍息立正我爱你) reunites Ti Amo Chocolate‘s costars Joanne Tseng and Wang Zi as the main OTP. They were betrothed to each other as babies and Wang Zi plays a broody boy returning back to Taiwan after living in Japan. With his father’s death, he goes and lives with Joanne’s family and attends the same high school as her. She’s a somewhat of a badass leader at school, known affectionately as Zhong Ge (Zhong big brother). Second lead couple goes to Spexial’s Riley Wang Yi Lun (Long For You) and Guo Shu Yao (The Teenage Pyschic). I haven’t seen much of the leads’ acting to give a statement but the trailer looks quite cute and harmless.

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Ruby Lin returns to dramaland in My Dear Boy with Derek Zhang

After giving birth, Ruby Lin is now officially back in business, producing and starring as the female lead in an upcoming Taiwanese drama My Dear Boy, alongside Derek Zhang (Prince of Wolf) and Zhou Xun’s husband, Archie Kao. That cracks me up! Wallace Huo just starred in 2 projects with Zhou Xun. Trading work partners? XD Not much of the synopsis is known except for it’s about our heroine wanting to love but always encountering the wrong people, a story of forgiveness and learning from them.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (51)

Long overdue! I think this one is smaller cause my brain forgets what I just read really fast these days. Lol.

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Stand By Me: Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of Stand By Me (在一起,就好) basically boils down to battles between a shrewd producer vs. an even more manipulative general manager. Everyone else are just collateral damage. Sorry. Foot soldiers in their war. But it seems their war has nothing to do with making good TV and everything to do with with a decades-old misreported news on one of the most devastating earthquake to hit Taiwan. And our rookie director may be the root of their animosity, even if they don’t know it yet.

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