Qin Hao and Yin Fang versus Poachers in webdrama Hunter

Hunter (猎狼者) centers on the topic of poachers versus policemen and people with the same vision on protecting the animals, led by Qin Hao, Yin Fang, Huang Zi Xing, and Sui Yong Liang. Cinematography is top notch since it’s directed by Cao Dun of The Longest Day in Chang’an and Tribes and Empires.

Airing 5/24~

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Youku reveals trailers and posters for 2021 drama line up; The Story of Xing Fu, Rattan, Being A Hero, among many others

Another station reveals the goodies in their bag!

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Cdrama Updates: Twelve Tan, My Talent Neighbour, Under the Power, The Last Goodbye To Mama, Sweet Tai Chi

Happy Friday!

I can’t believe next week is Christmas already. O_O

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Chinese stars at 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival 2017

Cannes Film Festival 2017 is currently taking place in France, from May 17th to May 28th, a week-long event to celebrate and preview films of all genre from various parts of the world. From China this year, we have two films in the mix, under different categories. I rarely do watch movies so maybe one of our readers could shed some lights on these two undiscovered gems. One is director Li Rui Jun’s Walking Past the Future and the other being a short film A Gentle Night directed by Qiu Yang.

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