First Impression: What do you think of Ever Night 2 with Dylan Wang and Song Yi Ren?

Getting a season 2 in Cdramaland is very difficult, almost impossible, much less keeping the cast changes to a minimum. Ever Night somehow did that, not without upset fans and sides, but here we are at the premiere of Season 2. Even though I didn’t finish season 1, certain scenes still linger in my mind, which is a sure sign that I will return to finish. Looking forward to see those awesome action sequences again; in the hands of a female director (Yang Yang) no less!

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First Trailer for Ever Night 2 with Dylan Wang He Di and Song Yi Ren

Speaking of part 2, I still need to finish part 1. The change in our male lead from Arthur to Dylan was quite upsetting for many fans, but I want to remain optimistic. His height next to Yi Ren is spot on. Now let’s show us that signature smug!

No confirmed air date yet but it’s rumored to be soon. 🙂

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Cdrama Updates: Fairyland Lovers, Dance of the Phoenix, Legend of Awakening, The Sweet Girl

Happy Friday! =D

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C-Ent Updates: Love and Destiny, Awakening of Insects, Princess Silver, The Great Ruler, Eighteen Springs

Sorry for the lack of updates, the past week had been hard. T_T

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Discussion Post: Ever Night Season 1 Finale with Chen Fei Yu and Song Yi Ren

I’m not anywhere near the finale of Season 1 but it’s because I dread finishing Season 1 and won’t be seeing Chen Fei Yu anymore. I like his freshness, I like his sass, and was still holding on to the hope that they won’t change the lead actor. Silly me. In Season 2, Dylan Wang (Meteor Garden) will take over the male lead character. I haven’t seen Meteor Garden 2018 yet so no opinion from me about his acting.

How was the ending guys? Did they leave room for major plots in Season 2?

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First Impression: What do you think of Meteor Garden 2018 with Shen Yue and Dylan Wang?

It’s here guys! Memories of our youth coming right back…. at least with me since I’m old…or shall I say older now compared to when the original aired in 2001. Lol. It still amazes me how many countries and how many times this one story has been adapted in the past decade.

Let me know your thoughts! Have included the first two episodes after the jump.

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Official Trailer for Meteor Garden 2018 with Shen Yue and Wang He Di

How do I feel about this trailer… how do I feel. They used the same song (“Cant Help Falling In Love With You“) from the previous adaptation for nostalgic reasons but the feel is definitely different. More youthful, more animated, more vibrant. What jumps out at me is that the trailer tells things from our male lead’s POV, which is a toss up; because what I loved about the previous version is being able to hear Shan Cai’s thoughts throughout the whole drama. Her thoughts were genuine, sincere, and honest, which made disliking her impossible (for me). Let’s see what the new adaptation will bring to the table ~

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