Cdramas Airing This Week: Palace: Devious Women, The Last Goodbye to Mama, The Pavilion, Truth, Rebirth for You, The Twelfth Second

Here ya go, Happy Friday everyone!

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Zhao Wei’s 8-Episode Monologue drama, Hear Her, focusing on the struggles of women in today’s society

Hear Her (听见她说) is an upcoming short monologue drama consisting of 8 15-minute episodes starring a line of solid actresses including Bai Bai He, Hao Lei, Qi Xi, Wang Zhi, Xi Mei Juan, Yang Zi, Yong Mei, and Yang Mi. I’m interested to see how Zhao Wei has grown as a director since her debut days and it’s great to see her join the shift of focus to women this year. Some of the struggles include midlife crisis, housewife life, domestic violence, older singles, and being the perfect girl.

Airing 11/17!

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Tang Yan plays materialistic girl in new film with Aaron Kwok

So the rumored collaboration I wrote about in one of my Cnews batches between Tang Yan and Aaron Kwok turned out to be true. The film, tentatively called People in Business, is being touted as the female version of 2013’s American Dream in China starring Huang Xiao Ming, Tong Da Wei, and Deng Chao. The complete cast includes Aaron Kwon, Tang Yan (too many to list), Yao Chen, Jerry Lee, Hao Lei (Dearest, The Golden Era), and Wang Yi Bo, member of a Chinese-South Korean boy group, UNIQ.

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