Cdramas Airing This Week: My Journey to You, Parallel World, The Eve, Sunshine by My Side, Egg and Stone, and more!

My weekly attempt to get this post out on Friday failed again. Lol

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Dramas airing on Valentine’s Day: Zheng Qiu Hong’s Dine With Love, Ji Mei Han’s Oh My Lord, Lu Yang Yang’s Assistant of Superstar

All rom-coms to sweeten your day! 💕💗❦💖

Airing 2/14~

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A Cat ties the red string of fate between Ji Mei Han and Ding Jia Wen in modern drama, My Sweet Heart (Miao Bu Ke Yan)

My Sweet Heart (Miao Bu Ke Yan, 喵不可言) is an upcoming fantasy webdrama that is airing tomorrow 1/7 with Ji Mei Han and Ding Jia Wen. I’m a little quite confused about the plot so here is what I understand from the trailer (there’s a longer trailer that I’m unable to upload): Our female lead is a cat’s fortune teller (so she can talk to cats..?) and is introduced to second-generation heir, our cold male lead, by his own pet cat. They get involved in a 7-day contract and in those days, he regales her with a fantasy romance packed with lies. However, she is able to see through those lies and discover a dark secret…a thousand-year old curse that has plagued his family.

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More Cdramas Began Filming: Qing Jun, Da Ming Under Microscope, Lighter & Princess, The Owner, Mo Ran, Ming Mei Shan Qu, Viva Femina, and more!

Over 10 dramas…. Took me two days to compiled this humongous list. Have fun scrolling! Lol.

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Peng Chu Yue and Wang Cheng Xuan struggle to love and work on time in Love O’Clock

Qiyi‘s Synopsis: An author by the name of He Zhen joins Yu Shu Publishing as a contract author. He Zhen tries to please her editor in chief Lu Yunzhi, who keeps regular hours, by giving him an antique clock. While she is presenting the gift, the mystical power of the clock reawakens. They exchange their biological clocks and start living under the same roof. Over time, they set their differences aside and learn to help each other out in life. With the help of Lu Yunzhi and his friends, He Zhen pursues her dream of becoming an accomplished author. The companionship with He Zhen also helps Lu Yunzhi make peace with his past. In the end, they both find success in their career and love their life.

Airing 6/20~

The trailers I uploaded are already taken down. T_T

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Sweet Romcom Make My Heart Smile with Luo Zheng and Ji Mei Han

Make My Heart Smile (扑通扑通喜欢你) is a sweet and fluffy romcom set in college starring Luo Zheng and Ji Mei Han as the main OTP. A group of college students striving for their dreams and finding love in the process.

Airing 2/6~

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