More Cdramas Began Filming: Qing Jun, Da Ming Under Microscope, Lighter & Princess, The Owner, Mo Ran, Ming Mei Shan Qu, Viva Femina, and more!

Over 10 dramas…. Took me two days to compiled this humongous list. Have fun scrolling! Lol.

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=======> ♦ Ren Jia Lun and Li Qin confirmed and has begun filming for their republican fantasy drama, Qing Jun (请君). Prior reports said it’s based on the novel but the writer came out and said it’s an original screenplay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Loosely inspired? The story follows the romance of a tsundere 1,000 years old God of war who fell into a slumber and his one true love, a goddess, who reincarnated over the course of the years. When he wakes up, it’s the republican era and she has become a female bandit, described as lustful and greedy.

The poster below is of a first-class bridal sedan chair. Wulongcha (our new AVV contributor) said they bought the rights to the novel and is merely “expanding” from it. The male lead is the owner of the sedan chair company. The novel consists of a string of stories surrounding the sedan chair. The production team had asked people to not share leaks so I won’t do it here. But Li Qin looks amazing! Ren Jia Lun too!

Dissecting the poster, the top is heaven/immortal realm to represent their previous lives, the bottom of the sedan to represent the republican period. If you look hard enough you can find our male and female lead in the poster. Lol. 🧐

Netizens kindly pointed the figures out. XD

=======> ♦ Zhang Ruo Yun and Qi Wei for historical drama Da Ming Under Microscope (显微镜下的大明) based on Ma Bo Yong’s novel. Looks like the novel has 6 cases, but the drama will only present 2 of them and it’s up to our hero, a genius in numbers to solve them.

I feel bad for Zhang Ruo Yun, looks like he wants to keep the record of the most shelved dramas at this point. T_T

=======> ♦ Liang Sen and Zhu Lin Yu for The Owner (家主大人请指教). It’s a sweet romcom drama. Our male lead is the son of a famous merchant; handsome and talented, he likes making money. Our female lead is the adopted daughter of the same (?) merchant with a mysterious identity.

=======> ♦ Love in Time (我的秘密室友) with Yang Xu Wen and Xiang Han Zhi.

=======> ♦ You Are the Ideal in the World (你是人间理想) with Peter Sheng Yi Lun and Wang Mo Han.

=======> ♦ Historical drama Mo Ran (莫染) with Fu Xin Bo and Xia Meng. Adapted from the novel written by Xi Xing. Female lead is a doctor in the modern times and time-travels into the body of dead married Madam Chang. Male lead sounds like Class-A jerk momma’s boy. The story basically shows how our heroine gains fame by treating illnesses and injuries that doctors at the time gave up.

=======> ♦ Ming Mei Shan Qu (明媒善娶) with Ren Hao and Kong Xue Er. Adapted from the novel by Meng San Sheng, the story follows our female lead who is a pampered Miss of a renowned matchmaking family. She meets our male lead, son of a Bandit Leader, who has unparalleled looks and fighting skills, and vows to find him a wife (that’s her in the future of course.) He’s looking for a little “mei mei (our FL)” he met when he was younger and is also on a separate mission (his other identity) decreed by the emperor.

=======> ♦ Tian Xia Chang He (天下长河) with Luo Jin, Yin Fang, and Huang Zhi Zhong. I had a hard time locating Luo Jin then finally a bald head (Qing style) began shining at me…

=======> ♦ Modern drama Lighter & Princess (打火机与公主裙) adapted from the novel by Twentine with Chen Fei Yu and Zhang Jing Yi. Arthur is back to a university drama and his bad boy image continues. Lol. Just some pics from their upcoming photoshoot in preparation for the drama ~ Blonde bad boy is a programming genius who gleefully disrupts the life of our heroine.

=======> ♦ Re Bu Qi De Qian Sui Daren (惹不起的千岁大人) with Luo Zheng and Ji Mei Han. This is a reunion for the leads as they had recently paired up for Make My Heart Smile earlier this year. Adapted from the novel by Jin Jiang and follows our male lead who has a suspicious nature and is an eunuch (? maybe he still has his precious?). Female lead marries him in order to save her father’s life and they begin to melt each other’s heart.

=======> ♦ Ancient Street (掌眼) with Zhang Yi Shan and Hu Bing Qing.

=======> ♦ Manhunt (捕) with Huang You Ming and Duan Xiao Wei. First stills released already!

=======> ♦ You Are My Cosset (吃定可爱的他) with Zhou Jun Wei and Jin Zi Xuan.

=======> ♦ Viva Femina (女人万岁) with Yin Tao and Jasper Liu.

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    thank-you for the huge compilation!

    im interested in

    – ren jia lun and li qin.
    – Ming Mei Shan Qu – snow kong looks so pretty!
    – Lighter & Princess BLONDE CHEN FEI YU!! i need immortality so bad!!
    – manhunt – likes the pics but not really the cast lol

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