Novel-to-drama adaptation of Chong Zi begins filming with leads Xu Zheng Xi and Yang Chao Yue

And I thought Xiao Zhan’s The Longest Promise (Yu Gu Yao) sounds like The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu), and here comes Chong Zi to take that candle instead. Lol.

Chong Zi (重紫) is based on the novel written by Shu Ke. The story is almost identical to Hua Qian Gu, with the romance being between a highly-respected immortal male lead who takes in our innocent female lead born with the dark force, fated to join the dark side, as his disciple. She does not want to harm anyone but everyone takes turn to torture/harm her just because of her dark force. Her shifu wants to protect her and the world, but struggle to do both. The difference that I noticed between this and HQG is that in here, there are multiple life times/reincarnations, so she does die a few times, even at the hands of the man she completely adores.

Has anyone read both novels and be able to spill more beans? 😛

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Xianxia drama Chen Yuan with Angelababy and Ma Tian Yu wrapped up filming

Chen Yuan (尘缘) is adapted from the novel written by Yan Yu Jiang Nan. This novel is often compared to Zhu Xian aka The Legend of Chusen. The novel opens up with us following a male character who was born holding a magical blue stone. He excels in all his studies and his parents have high hopes for the boy but he only wants to learn about cultivation. Turns out, he was an immortal who was punished to the mortal realm and this is his last reincarnation. The blue stone is our female lead. The drama synopsis says our female lead and the immortal involved with her were both punished to the mortal realm for letting a demon go. But they promise to meet again no matter what. I’m still a little confused about the story so I will update once I get further into the plot/novel. If anyone wants to fill me in, please do. Lol.

The drama remains quiet throughout its entire filming (started in 11/2020) and even ended on a rather low beat as well. I wonder why. I do miss seeing Ma Tian Yu and Angelababy does look effortlessly beautiful in the stills below.

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Forever Love with Wang An Yu and Xiang Han Zhi

Forever Love (百岁之好一言为定) follows Wang An Yu and Xiang Han Zhi as classmates in college and into their adulthood as they start working at the same place. It is adapted from the novel written by Su Guang Tong. The description is kinda cute, from school uniforms to wedding gowns, they have become each other’s lifelong companion.

Begins airing today 12/14!

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First Stills of Ju Jing Yi and Zeng Shun Xi in Rebirth For You

Rebirth For You (慕南枝) is adapted from the novel written by Zhi Zhi. In the novel, our female lead gets a rebirth and retains all the memories from her previous life; she was an Empress. Our hero was an official/general who admired her from far away. After rebirth, he’s determined to fight and win her to his side. After she was reborn, she relies on her own strengths and intelligence to balance the different parties in the palace. She’s also determined to help her husband/male lead rise to power as a capable Emperor in a prosperous era.

Well, not sure how much of the rebirth storyline they are gonna keep but being reborn definitely has its perks!

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Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos with Meng Zi Yi, Aarif Rahman, and Li Yi Tong

This looks like fun. The synopsis suggests something heavy but the trailers give off a different vibe. Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos (浮世双娇传) stars Meng Zi Yi and Li Yi Tong as two sisters with virtues in the Fu household. It is prophesied that one of the two sisters will become the future Empress, leading to enemies on all sides. The sisters happen to like men in different camps and this will challenge their sisterhood.

Airing 9/28!

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