Qu Chu Xiao and Chen Yu Qi protect cultural treasures in Mystery of Antiques 3

Mystery of Antiques 3 (古董局中局之掠宝清单) is the third part following 2018’s Mystery of Antiques, 2020’s Antique Bureau Midgame, all based on Ma Bo Yong’s novel series, The Game of Antiques.

WeTV provides the synopsis: “In 1928, an evil wind swept Beijing City. In the name of birthday celebration, the director of the police department imprisoned the big shots in the antique industry. When the Five Houses were in crisis, Xu Yi Cheng (male lead) went to great lengths and settled it. What’s worse, Chen Weili, Xu’s old friend, was murdered in the street. Before his death, Chen sent a note to Xu, on which “Wind” and “Earth” were faintly marked. Xu investigated it and surprisingly found Chen’s death concerned with the Japanese. Yu Fang, a prince of the former dynasty, confessed that Concubine Shu Shen’s tomb in Dongling was robbed, and asked Xu to help resolve the Dongling crisis. Xu sensitively realized that the Dongling crisis was related to the death of his friend Chen. For the country, to avoid China’s national treasures stolen by the enemy; in private, to uncover the truth about his friend’s death, Xu Yi Cheng, with the help of the royal descendant, Hai Lan Zhu (female lead), Liu Yi Ming from the Five House, Huang Kewu, and his friend Fu Gui, braved the Ping’an City and prevented the outflow of the treasures.”

In short, our couple is trying to protect their cultural treasures from greedy hands. xD

Airing 7/21 ~

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Historical drama The Wind Blows From Longxi confirms Chen Kun, Bai Yu, Angelababy, Sun Yi, and more

The Wind Blows From Longxi (风起陇西) is an upcoming historical drama based on the novel written by Ma Bo Yong (Longest Day in Chang’an). Written by Jin Hai Shu (The Identity of Father, and yet-to-air The Golden Hairpin) and Jin Yu, and directed by Lu Yang (movie Brotherhood of Blades), the cast has been revealed to be Chen Kun, Bai Yu, Angelababy, Sun Yi, Nie Yuan, Yin Zhu Sheng, Yu Hao Ming, Zhang Xiao Chen, and more, boasting some guest roles from Dong Zi Jian, Lei Jia Yin, and Guo Jing Fei. Reading the synopsis, I’m left quite confused by the double and triple agents status of the cast. It is set during the Three Kingdoms period when the Shu defeated the Wei using their powerful crossbows. Chen Kun plays Chen Gong, a spy/double agent hiding in the Wei State; when the Shu receives some false reports from Chen Gong, they send another spy to investigate him, and he’s Xun Xu (played by Bai Yu). Turns out, there’s another spy named Zhu Long in the Shu kingdom who has been secretly swapping out Chen Gong’s reports. Chen Gong and Xun Xu work together to expose his identity and secure peace in their homeland.

Filming has begun!

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Huang Xuan, Wang Yi Bo, and Song Qian confirmed for Feng Qi Luo Yang

Feng Qi Luo Yang or The Wind Rises Luo Yang (风起洛阳) is adapted from the novel written by Ma Bo Yong, who was also the author behind The Longest Day in Chang’an and Mystery of Antiques. It’s a period detective drama set in the Tang Dynasty during Wu Ze Tian’s reign, in the ancient capital Luo Yang. After restoring the sky palace in Luo Yang is done, Empress Wu prepares for the annual ceremony of wishing for a good harvest season. She is then informed that an informant who had important information to give her, was assassinated during his journey. Angry about the sudden death, she orders the murder mystery solved and the case is picked up by Deputy Marshal (Huang Xuan) and palace guard (Song Qian). Later, Minister’s second son (Wang Yi Bo) joins the duo as he tries to find out the truth behind his father’s poisoning/death. Following the trail of hints, the dangers in Luo Yang have been planted for quite a while…

Filming to begin in a few days ~

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First Impression: What do you think of Secret of the Three Kingdoms with Ma Tian Yu and Han Dong Jun?

I’m really looking forward to this! Bromance, romance, political intrigues. The colors look great. Please be good, show! Its airs Tuesdays-Thursdays, 2 episodes each day. “VIP” members (ahum) get to see one week ahead, so ideally we “piggyback riders” have 12 episodes this week. Ha!

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Essay Wang sings for Secret of the Three Kingdoms, First Posters for Luo Jin and Zhou Dong Yu’s Behind the Scenes

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Drama Updates: Story of Ming Lan, Meteor Garden 2018, Secret of the Three Kingdoms, Never Gone

Couple of updates here, new stills for Story of Ming Lan and Never Gone, while Meteor Garden 2018 wraps up filming with a small celebration and Secret of The Three Kingdoms secures a broadcast slot in 2 weeks!

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Ma Tian Yu and Han Dong Jun’s broken bromance in Secret of the Three Kingdoms, Jin Zhi Wen and Jike Jun Yi sing for The Destiny of White Snake

I’m excited for one and anxious about the other one….

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Secret of the Three Kingdoms Official Trailer: Ma Tian Yu, Han Dong Jun, Wan Qian

Tangren’s epic historical drama held a press conference today and dropped a whopping 10-minute trailer to appease your hunger! Based on the novel by Ma Bo Yong, Secret of the Three Kingdoms aims to unravel the re-imagined buried secrets and hidden hands behind the imperial changes of the Eastern Han Dynasty on Cao Cao’s side, led by Ma Tian Yu and Elvis Han Dong Jun.

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