Cdramas Airing This Week: Palace: Devious Women, The Last Goodbye to Mama, The Pavilion, Truth, Rebirth for You, The Twelfth Second

Here ya go, Happy Friday everyone!

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=======> ♦ Palace: Devious Women (一纸寄风月) with Zhao Jia Min and Zhu Yuan Bing began airing on 10/11. Looks like the theme of this past year…our heroine travels into the screenplay of her own (that has been tampered by her colleague). Each episode is about…6 minutes long! Ottoke?!

Episode 1 English Subbed.

=======> ♦ The Last Goodbye to Mama (您好母亲大人) with Dong Jie and Yin Fang began airing on 10/13. This looks like a tear-jerking drama already, touching on the subject of love and responsibility between a mother and her son and the ugly terminal disease that begins to ravage her. T_T

Episode 1 & 2 Preview.

=======> ♦ The Pavilion (八角亭谜雾) with Duan Yi Hong and Hao Lei began airing on 10/13.

Qiyi describes the story: 17 years ago, the angelic sister of the Xuan family was murdered bizarrely. The murder case was stagnated for many years, and the murderer remains at large. As a result, the Xuan family spread out from north to the south, living on their own. Seventeen years later, a bizarre case occurred in a small town ropes in the Xuan family again, causing the divided family to reunite in their hometown. As the truth of the old case gradually surfaced, years of conflict between the tormented brothers and sisters finally broke out. Where will the family of four go? Can they untie the knot they have and get out of this thick mysterious fog?

Episode 1.

=======> ♦ Truth (真相) with Chen Xing Xu and Gai Yue Xi began airing on 10/14. Two prosecutors who are supposed to work together find themselves at odds and must find a connection to fuse their knowledge for the greater good.

=======> ♦ Rebirth for You (慕南枝) with Ju Jing Yi and Zeng Shun Xi to air on 10/18. It is adapted from the novel written by Zhi Zhi. The novel and the drama synopsis are completely different; the drama is basic and consistently boring with all the palace dramas out there. Why changed so much when the source material is already there? Our heroine was a princess in the previous life and she married the Emperor who neglected her. She was then Empress Dowager for seven years before her stepson poisoned her to death. When she wakes up, she’s back to her young self at 13 again, armed with memories of what happened in the past (or future in this case), she carefully protects herself and her loved ones. In the past life, she disliked our hero immensely because in her eyes, he was selfish, greedy, and always criticizing her. Little did she know, he loved her immensely. In this life, she often gives him support and hints on how to deal with royalty, and he begins to love her again. But because of their social status – he’s son of a bandit, marriage isn’t an option with a princess like her. But he can’t risk losing her so he tricks her into leaving with him. His guts is admired. And I shall stop here because of spoilers!

The drama synopsis from wiki: Story of how Jiang Baoning uses her capability to balance the different forces in the imperial court, and together with her husband Li Qian, helps the young Emperor stabilize the court and create a peaceful golden era.

=======> ♦ The Twelfth Second (第十二秒) with Ren Zhong and Regina Wan to air 10/18. Adapted from the novel written by Sunness, the story follows the heart-wrenching journey of our male lead as he tries to figure out the disappearance and eventual death of his wife. She disappears (while pregnant) and 8 years later is discovered dead with his 8-year old mute daughter (alive). His only clue? Her 11 seconds phone message.

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