Gao Min Rui and Xu Xiao Nuo become Snow Lover in modern drama

Snow Lover (爱在粉雪时光) is an upcoming drama following a group skiers as they navigate through life. Our female lead is a screenwriter who is straightforward and a bit reckless. Male lead is the vice president of a gaming company who pursues perfection and in the spirit of proving himself, he wants to develop a game on skiing. Second female lead is an actress with princess syndrome and rounding out our fourth leg is the ski shop owner, second male lead.

Let’s see how much skiing we are gonna see. Lol.

Airing 10/26 ~

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Yuan Yu Xuan makes new memories with Liu Yi Chang in The Secret of Love

The Secret of Love (不能恋爱的秘密) is an upcoming modern drama with the male and female lead looking very identical. Lol. My First Impression? They are very pretty to look at. Both have soft, cute features. The story follows our heroine who has lost her memories due to a fire accident eight years ago and seeks to reclaim those memories and discover why it happened. She’s also trying to investigate her father’s death in a car accident. She meets our cold and aloof heir of a big company and they start off on the wrong foot. But like all dramas, proximity brings them closer. The character description suggests they might be childhood friend (even his first love?) and she disappeared after the accident; having some disfigurement to her face. Let’s see whether this is true when the drama airs.

Airing 6/16~

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Yuan Bing Yan reunites with Liu Xue Yi in Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails (落花时节又逢君) is adapted from the novel When Spring Ends, I’ll See You Again by Shu Ke. It’s nice to see second male lead reunited with female lead in a new drama as the male lead. 😉 The story follows the journey of our female, a red camellia sprite who falls in love at first sight with the male lead at a Flower Festival. He is not a nobody! He’s one of the greatest gods in heaven. She wants to become his empress and to that request, he tells her to cultivate until she can reach the heavenly/immortal realm. To do that, she enters the human realm to go through a trial. There in the mortal realm, she meets the second male lead, a handsome nobleman who is looking for true love himself. His land oversees the flower field where she’s planted as a Camellia. He wants to renovate the garden and in order to stop him, she turns to her human self at night and begs him not to take away her home. Our second male lead begins to like this strong and independent flower fairy and promises not to ruin her field as long as she comes and hangs with him every night. Even though she confesses to liking someone else, second male lead reaffirms her that it’s okay. His human life doesn’t last long and if he could spend his short years with her, he’s contented, and she can easily go back to the immortal man she’s cultivating for after his death.

Why is that so damn tragically sweet.

Something happens and our second male lead sacrifices himself to save our heroine. She, moved and touched by him, requests the male lead to remove her cultivation thus far and makes her a mortal being, so she can repay second male lead. This begins her ten lifetimes of reincarnation, each one she makes big and small decisions, and bears the results bravely.

Quite like the sound of this female lead from the reviews so far!

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Cdrama Updates: Win The Future, Heroes, The Story of The Bat, Fei Hu Wai Zhuan (The Young Flying Fox), My Favorite Special Girl

Just a couple of new pieces here and there this past week.

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Cdrama Updates: Broker, The Love Equations, Ancient Detective, Qing Qing Zi Jin, Maybe It’s Love

A short weekend updates to catch up. 🙂

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Cdrama Updates: Twelve Tan, My Talent Neighbour, Under the Power, The Last Goodbye To Mama, Sweet Tai Chi

Happy Friday!

I can’t believe next week is Christmas already. O_O

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Cdrama Updates: Ming Dynasty, Go Ahead, Our Shiny Days, Breath of Destiny, The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Sorry, took a few days off to take a break with my best friend.

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