Cdramas to Air: Butterfly Lovers 2017, Zheng Kai’s Wong Fei Hung, Zhu Yuan Bing’s Die Now, As Flower Fade and Fly Away

Hot dang! It’s December already…2017 is coming to an end. I can’t believe it. How time just flew over our head this year. We still have another month worth of dramas to watch! This is about half of them. Lol….

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Sun Yi and Deng Lun stitch a sweet love in Because of You

Because of You (因为遇见你) is an upcoming modern cdrama starring rising faces, Sun Yi and Deng Lun, both were in Fifteen Years of Migratory Birds. Now they are united in a story of self discovery, lost parents, and a battleground for love and work between the young and the old. Careful! The veteran actresses might steal the scene with their craft and intensity but we have plenty of sweetness from the main couple. They are so cute, OMGAHHHH. Sweetest smiles. Watch the BTS, guys. Sun Yi, you dirty girl! LOL.

They revealed five songs from the soundtrack as well, sang by various Chinese pop singers.

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Zhang Ruo Yun and Sun Yi’s Migratory Birds to air in March

Such a pretty cast. All of them. So young too. T___T

With February coming to a close, dates are being dropped left and right for March broadcast! Seriously though, how are ya’ll doing with the February dramas? I mentioned Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds back in November of 2015 and here it is with a premiere date, some stills, and a cute trailer. I’m curious how they are gonna go melo on us…if I’m reading the right story. Lol. Everything seems fluffy and colorful from the promotional materials.

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