Twelve Legends with Guli Nazha and Jasper Liu drops First Official Trailer

Twelve Legends (十二谭) is a fantasy republican drama adapted from a novel written by Ni Luo (Wu Xin The Monster Killer), following a love story that spans 2 thousand years starring Guli Nazha and Jasper Liu. Our hero is originally a rock with characteristics of a demon and a god. He dons a cold face but has a soft heart, and is described as someone who’s resolute in all situations and is determined to survive. He endures the vicissitudes of life, countless trials of life and death, and is only waiting for one person. That person is of course our beautiful heroine, who is formed after cultivation from a pearl (how’s that for beauty?) She’s a playful person, who loves life and freedom. Unfortunately, she was imprisoned by him for years, and he’s also the reason behind her friend’s death. She resents him, but when the truth is revealed, she’s stunned. The freedom she desperately pursues is just a sinister trap. Thus begins a love story that is humorous and touching, passionate and sweet.

If I were Jasper, I wouldn’t be able to focus and say my line. Miss G is breathless!

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First Stills for Miss The Dragon, Use for My Talent, Pride and Prejudice, Fall In Love, Song of Youth

Huge batch of stills from the past week. Happy Weekend!

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Jasper Liu romances Shen Yue in Use For My Talent

Use For My Talent (我亲爱的小洁癖) is an upcoming modern drama starring Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu and Chinese actress Shen Yue. The story follows our male lead who grew up in an incomplete family. He keeps a distance from others and has germophobia. The opposite is our female lead who once had a happy family until a car accident took away her mother. Moving forward, she becomes a person who doesn’t care about their outer appearance, always looking messy and not well put together. The two leads meet when she is hired at his cleaning company. They clash initially but slowly grow closer and fonder of each other. However, a layer of the past is peeled and a misunderstanding threatens to break them apart.

This sounds like a couple of dramas mashed together. Lol. Shen Yue gets all the tall leading male leads.

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Cdrama Updates: Twelve Tan, My Talent Neighbour, Under the Power, The Last Goodbye To Mama, Sweet Tai Chi

Happy Friday!

I can’t believe next week is Christmas already. O_O

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Jasper Liu and Vivian Sung go retro in Take Me To The Moon

Take Me To The Moon (帶我去月球) is a film based on the famous song by Chang Yu Sheng, regarded as one of the greatest singers in Mandarin music history and is made to celebrate his 20th death anniversary (1997). Jasper Liu and Vivian Sung lead other actors in a music band and our hero is given a chance to right a wrong of the past through time-travel. In the past, our heroine is the lead singer of the group and harbors dreams of becoming a big star. Seeing his crush’s blooming dream, our hero encourages her to participate in an audition, which has disastrous outcomes. Oh.. Oh…. Oh? Why!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (48)

A lot of news packed in this one little post! Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a safe long weekend off!

Santa needs a drink. XD

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (45)

This is a mini batch of news since I feel like cramming everything in one post seems to overwhelm a lot of people and sometimes, certain dramas get glossed over. Lol.

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Jasper Liu flashes dimpled smile in Rainie Yang’s Some Water

We made it past wednesday. One more day before the weekend, drifters! I know most of us are still speechless and deeply saddened about the sudden departure of D-addicts torrent section. D-addicts was where I learned to torrent and the place I uploaded my first torrent. So this news definitely hurt where it matters. But when there’s a strong will to share, uploaders will definitely find a way (have we not overcome many hurdles before this?) As a matter of fact, there’s already a thread discussing that right here. A helping hand here and there and we might have something soon.

Anyway, Rainie Yang just released her music video for her latest song, “Some Water.” Hopefully, the appearance of Mr. Bright Smile can soothe a part of your sorrow.

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